How I set up a surveillance system without having a clue


Today, Thanks to Wi-Fi security cameras, we can have in our house a whole video surveillance system without just using wires. And the best thing is that anyone can do it, you don't have to be Mcgyver to install one of these systems.

Outdoor surveillance camera

I am a DIY expert, I am a DIY expert

In my case – I'm sure you won't be the only one – I had been doubting about whether to put an outdoor wifi camera in the yard (like the ones on the link). What threw me back was the assembly, I thought it would be something complicated, more typical of handyman people -No, I'm not exactly the presenter of BricomanĂ­a-.

The issue is that a couple of weeks ago I armed myself with courage and started looking by Internet. Here I have to say that it got a little out of hand, because instead of buying a camera for the patio I ended up buying a Closed Circuit Camera Kit. Come on, a complete surveillance system.

The next hours you can imagine. I spent them circling my head about whether I would be able to put something like that together. The YouTube tutorials instead of encouraging me, transmitted me with grief, I was getting more nervous… There … ilusa of me.

But hey I'm not giving up easy, really.

The day D

And so came D-day, the day of assembly. I already knew what day it was going to be so I woke up early – I must be the only one who gets up early on vacation – and I prepared myself. Little to tell … until 12, time the bell rings and nothing, It was just the deliveryman with a giant package.

At first I didn't know how to start, I was alone, there was no one to turn to. Mind you, I had the experience of a few YouTube tutorials. I already knew what a UTP, coaxial cable, a DVR, NVR was and I don't know what else. At the end ofI decided to start with the instruction manual.

At the same time, I was putting on tutorials and keeping the installation instructions. Little by little I deciphered that enigmatic sketch that appeared in the manual, and you know what? It wasn't that hard, I ended up riding everything in one afternoon. In the end what is needed is patience and a few tools. It is little more than setting up a Playmobil castle or an Ikea coffee table. Of course, you have to dare.

With all this I want to encourage you to try things, so that apparently complicated situations do not intimidate you. The one who tries it, can get it, the one who doesn't, will never do it.

Greetings and thank the Administrator for letting me write In this wonderful blog.

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