How heat affects wine


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All wines have ideal consumption temperatures, whether sparkling, red or white. All must be cooled so that their consumption is optimal, so a sudden change in temperature affects the organoleptic characteristics of the wines in a remarkable way, such as taste, aroma or character.

-That is why it is important to avoid sudden temperature changes, it is advisable to never leave the wines in the car, in the sun or on the terrace at room temperature. In general it is indicated to keep the bottles between 13ºC and 16ºC and a humidity of 70%.

– Avoid direct sunlight as it favors certain chemical reactions that impair the optimal state of the wine.

– To preserve the wine much better in the small wineries that we have at home, you must put them in a horizontal position or face down to maintain perfect humidity.

Although it seems impossible that we can enjoy a wine in perfect condition while enjoying a meal on the terrace or in the home garden, we can always try to maintain the best conditions so that the gastronomic evening is exceptional.

There are coolers, covers and buckets that are easy to transport and that will help us make our wine look like it is fresh from the fridge. Some have thermal temperature indicators that help us know if it is the optimum for your full enjoyment.

Don't let summer slow you down and enjoy a good wine!

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