How Can I Locate a Landline Number


Still possible locate a landline number although the data protection law is very strict.

The data protection law passed by the European Union has greatly limited the options of search for people by phone number.

But we can still find some legal ways to locate the origin of a call.

If you need to know who is behind that call that does not stop bothering you at any time, you can always use some tricks.

And remember, if they are called threatening, it is best to go to the police and file the relevant complaint.

Locate a landline number

A few years ago, locate a person by their landline number It was quite simple.

All fixed numbers were included in a list called White pages from where many data could be consulted.

Among these data, it was possible to know which person was assigned a certain telephone number and their address.

Over the years, the White pages They evolved by jumping into their online form.

That list of landline numbers online was a widely used method to know the origin of many calls.

With the new Data Protection Law approved by the European Union, the publication of personal data is restricted.

But it is still possible to use some tricks to locate a free phone number.

Steps to find a landline number by name and surname

Among them we can highlight some still employed by many people.

Search a phone number on Google

It is perhaps the main method of locate a person by their landline.

Many of us use social networks which do not ask us to associate a telephone number.

On other occasions, we can publish our number in online services such as advertisements or curriculum vitae.

By doing a number search on Google we can get a lot of information about the person behind.

It is also the preferred method for those who want locate a satellite phone number.

Online phone listings

It is still possible to find some list of online phones where we can do searches.

Webs like that of White pages, QDQ or ABC Phones These are some of these telephone listings that we can consult.

Also, the famous Yellow Pages, which we can use to find companies and professionals.

But what happens when the phone number that calls us is hidden or private?

Locate a hidden phone number

Unfortunately, in many countries it is not possible to find out who is behind a hidden or private number.

For this reason, these types of numbers are used for commercial purposes or telephone spam.

In the case of receiving calls from hidden numbers, it is best to try to block such calls.

How to block hidden numbers

Again we find different methods to block calls from hidden numbers.

How to block a number if it is even private

One option would be to ask your telephone operator to block any call from hidden numbers.

Option required if you receive calls to a landline.

In mobile phones, the options of blocking hidden numbers is much easier.

Thanks above all to the fact that the different mobile operating systems include tools for them.

On Android, for example, when a call is received from a hidden phone number, the system itself gives you the option to block it.

Even when calls are received from unseen but unusual numbers, Android gives you the ability to mark it as spam.

Once we have blocked a hidden phone number, we will not receive any more calls, even if we change phones.

Android usually saves our settings to restore them in case of need or change of terminal.

So you know, still it is possible to locate a person by phone number.

And in case it is not possible, use the call blocking options.

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