How can I be up to date with the law of time control?


Since May 12, 2019, thanks to Royal Decree Law 8/2019, all companies have to have an exhaustive control of the working hours of their workers; The regulation that was in force for part-time workers was extended to all workers. In this article we are not going to review again how to register the workers' day; but we are going to address how can you keep up with the law of time control.

notes should be kept for 4 years
have it available for workers, as well as representatives of the
companies and the bureaucratic body of the Ministry of Labor, Migrations
and Social Security.

It is important that we keep this information as well in case of no
have it, fines can range between
€ 600 and € 6,000; in addition to other fines that could be derived for infractions
after a work inspection.

As we discussed in the previous article, the big dilemma is to choose; because the regulations allow us to carry out this registration in multiple ways whenever this control the schedule system Y does not violate the worker's right: sheets on paper, apps, websites, transfer machine, etc..

Another of the main handicaps is how to stay informed of the changes in the regulations that regulate the law of time control. Both issues will be discussed in the following article.

How to register the working day of my workers? and How can I be up to date with the law of time control?

What you should know about the hour control law before continuing:

It is essential that before proceeding to read both unknowns
that we offer in this article, we inform about the fundamental aspects of the Real
Decree Law 8/2019:

  1. The Registration of days for workers is currently mandatory for staff that is governed by the Workers' Statute (Excluded are public officials who are governed by the EBEP and their assimilated as interior or labor personnel when the regulatory institution assigns them the same conditions as career officials).
    • If they are self-employed, senior managers, cooperative workers or commercial collaboration contracts should not complete this system of time control.
    • The rest of the employees, regardless of whether remote or in office, or part or full time, should indicate the time of entry and exit in their work.
  2. The registration must be both the entry and the exit.
  3. These records have to be kept for 4 years.
  4. They must be accessible at any time.
  5. They must comply with the obligations of the Data Protection Law.
  6. The schedule quadrants can not be replaced or altered.

How can I register my workers' day?

As we have outlined in the introduction to this article, according to the law of time control we can record the workers' batch in different supports: sheets on paper, apps, websites, transfer machine, etc.. Each system offers some possibilities that we detail next in this table:

Sheets Transfer machines Web systems and apps
Adoption by employees Magnificent Good Good
Implementation costs Easy handling and the most economical method. Expensive and annoying for workers Well, although it requires employee training
Ease with LOPD Well, although it requires exhaustive control of the files and incorporation clause. Annoying and difficult. Good and easy incorporation.
Compatible with mobility No Mobility No Mobility Its incorporation is possible.
Scalability and integrations Intermediate Annoying Good and easy

Each of the methods offers some possibilities that we have to take into account when selecting it for our business.

Paper sheets are the most economical method for few employees; but it requires more space for the conservation of records. The good thing that does not need any training to the workers.

The signing machines in comparison to web and apps has some difficulties when it comes to adapting it to the new needs of the labor market; where it has to be adapted to the LOPD and does not allow the mobility of the registers.

While apps and web allow better benefits than the other two systems, although logically this is in relative terms, given that there are many in the market and; to make a thorough review of it, we should look at the features and benefits offered by each platform. In the same way, the price varies according to its features and technical characteristics. To mention any of them, we can say that there is Beebole, Labor control, Intratime, Sesametime Y Woffu among many.

In addition, the apps and web they allow to be updated of how many hours each of the workers have computed in an automated way and without the need to count manually. What we will save a lot of time; especially in companies with more than 10 workers.

How to keep informed of the regulatory changes in the record of my workers' day?

Once we have selected the right tool, our main concern is to keep the system up to date and learn about the regulatory changes in the law of time control.

If we have opted for an app or a website, we will not have any problem in this regard; then practically they all have a notification system alerts of the normative changes in this matter.

If we have opted for the manual form, we can use the system of Bulletin to the Letter to notify us to our email in case there is any new development for this matter:

👉 Bulletin to the Letter: a FREE system of alerts and notifications of the BOE for lawyers 📘

Or search every so often if that law has changed. In less than 2 minutes we can do that check:

How to KNOW if a LAW has changed in LESS than 2 min?

And, finally, we can hire the services of a tax and labor advisor to take us the administrative, tax and labor issues of our company. They will keep you informed of each of the changes that exist throughout the year.

How can I be up to date with the law of time control?

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How can I be up to date with the law of time control?

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How can I be up to date with the law of time control?


Taking control of the workers' day manually is highly tedious. Discover alternatives to comply with the law of time control.


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