How a home should be to be healthy


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A healthy housing, is a house that allows us to enjoy a better level of health, since it has the necessary requirements to be both habitable and safe. We are going to see some guidelines that housing has to follow, in order to be considered as healthy housing.

How a home should be to be healthy

What conditions do you have to have a healthy home?

For a home to be considered as a healthy home, it must have several different rooms, such as a kitchen, a living room, a master bedroom, as well as other accessory bedrooms and a full bathroom. All these rooms mentioned above must comply with certain requirements, as are the following:

In addition to these requirements such as size and others, you must meet a series of requirements, such as having good natural lighting during sunny hours, as well as artificial with about 500 lux for those areas where you work or 200 lux for the kitchen.

Likewise, the ventilation It is also very important, either outside through different windows, which are also guarantors of good lighting or through different sinks or windows, in the case of a bathroom.

In the same way, the floor must be anti slip, besides it can be easily disinfected. It is also recommended that there are no carpets, in the case that there are small children or elderly people in the house. On the other hand, housing must be have both hot and cold water, as well as different facilities in the drains that allow to eliminate bad smells.

Finally, a healthy home has to be clean enough in all the rooms, to avoid the appearance of germs and so that it is possible, to contract diseases.

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