Holland prohibits the breeding of flat-nosed dogs


Also called brachycephalic dogs, flat-nosed dogs will be banned in the Netherlands in the coming years.

And it is that the Dutch government, attending to the numerous health problems presented by the breeds of flat snout, has created a list of up to 20 races that will be subject to the limitation of offspring.

That is, you can adopt a flat dog, but not raise it.

These races would be included in three large groups:

Brachycephalic dog breeds totally prohibited

They would be those breeds that encompass dogs with a shorter snout length than a third of their skull.

They are the breeds of dogs that have more respiratory problems: the English Bulldog, the Pug or Carlino, the French Bulldog, the Shih Tzu, the Boxer, the Pekingese, the Boston Terrier, Lhasa Apso, etc.

dog breeds prohibited in Holland

These races were manipulated by man in a genetic way to achieve an aesthetic according to the taste of the buyer.

The business became a success, however, few thought about the health problems of these dogs.

Brachycephalic dog breeds with exceptions

They would be those breeds of dogs whose snout length is one third to one half of the skull.

In these cases, reproduction is only allowed if they meet the other criteria established for reproduction.

Flat dog breeds that can reproduce

Breeds of dogs whose snout is at least half the size of the skull are included.

In this case there are no limitations for breeding because it is understood that they will not present health problems.

A controversial law

This law has generated quite controversy, especially among lovers of brachycephalic races.

Here, the debate, however, is not aesthetics and if we like race more or less.

Here the debate is that they are breeds of dogs that suffer a series of health problems that we should not, by humanity, allow under any circumstances, no matter how much the breed makes us.

Holland has been the first country to put sanity and defend what many years ago should have been defended: the health of flat-nosed dogs against aesthetic motives.

And as an example, it only takes compare how some of these dog breeds were 100 years ago.

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