Holidays in September, the most suggestive month to travel


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After summer comes September, a month in which the good weather in general is maintained and where it is easier and cheaper to travel, with better prices

In our mind, it seems that only there are specific moments when we can take a vacation. The months of July and August, the Easter, Christmas and the Major parties of our town or city (if they fall outside the summer months) are the ones chosen by most Spaniards to enjoy the holidays. But we forget that the reality is different from what we expect and many times we can have vacations in months that leave this norm. For example, we can enjoy September vacations.

September is a good month to enjoy the holidays, with many advantages for travel, stay at a good price Y enjoy many activities in the destiny. To start, a long time ago less heat and the cold hasn't started yet, so we can enjoy a very nice and benign time. Just keep in mind that in many places some rain may surprise us, so you have to travel prepared.

Torre Oro Sevilla

As I said before, September becomes an ideal month to travel as prices fall considerably and you don't have to pay large amounts of money for hotel rooms and services They do not justify the price they exhibit in summer. In addition, many of the tourist spots are not so crowded and it is more comfortable to walk through them and calmly enjoy them.

These are some of the options we propose for enjoy in Spain during the month of SeptemberIt's a good time to get close to Andalusia Y Castilla la Mancha and there will be the destinations that we propose to enjoy in the month of September.

Seville, a city that always falls in love

Seville it is not exactly a cold city and in September we will continue finding a somewhat high temperature. The minimums are usually between 18 and 32 degrees, although considering how the summer is suffered in this part of Spain, it is not very high.

Plaza Espana Seville

Seville, like all Spanish cities, begins to return from the summer lethargy in September and begin the programming of all theaters, cinemas and shows. But what is really interesting is walking through the banks of the Guadalquivirwalk around the Spain Squareenjoying a boat ride through the central pond or climb to the top of the Giralda without dying of heat in the attempt.

A good option to discover one of the Spanish cities that most falls in love without suffering the heat that is usually associated with it.

Granada, the jewel of Andalusia

Together with Seville, visit Granada in September It is one of the most advisable options in Andalusia. The heat is still present, but the nights become more pleasant and stroll under the Alhambra, next to Darro river in Sacromonte and go up to Albaycín It is a delight in those last weeks of summer. From the San Cristobal Viewpoint you have some great views of the Alhambra and you can see how the vegetation of the area changes color, approaching the tones of autumn.

Granada will reward the Best Tapa in the World

The visit to the Alhambra It is as intense as at any other time of the year, but as in all the sites visited in September, much more relaxed and not as suffocating as in July and August. Of course, it is possible that there are a good number of visitors yet and that touch get tickets in advance. The rest of the city will be quieter and you can enjoy it much better.

Salamanca, university and vibrant city

In September Salamanca You will not have that vibrant and powerful pulse that will shape the nights of the school year, but it can be enjoyed with all its intensity. The Main Square, the Salamanca Cathedral, with its surprises in the reliefs of the facade and the House of the Shells, for putting only one of the many places that are worth visiting in the Castilian city, makes September a great month to enjoy some September vacations that will allow us taste the Castilian cuisine Without as much stress as in summer.

There are many options to pass the September vacations and you have to know how to take advantage of the offers that arise and that the hotels and other services offer to keep the season a little longer. A cruise is also a good idea, or a flight to a European destination, which you also notice the descent of travelers and they want seasonally adjust tourism. You have to be attentive and make a holiday in September become an experience to remember.

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