Herbs and aphrodisiac foods and ideas that work


In these magical summer and hot nights (for those on this side of Ecuador) and for those who sleep as a couple to fight the cold (on the other side). We offer a series of recipes and natural aphrodisiac tips, to ignite, maintain and rekindle the flame of our passion.

Herbs and aphrodisiac foods and ideas for love that work 1

Aphrodisiac meals, especially aphrodisiac dinners, have existed since time immemorial. In many cultures and civilizations food and drinks have been used to increase sexual appetite.

The aphrodisiac environment

aphrodisiac herbs

Creating a special environment helps to relax and awaken the senses. It is advisable to perfume our house subtly with essential oils or candles of cinnamon, honey, vanilla, orange blossom, jasmine, roses or Ylang ylang. Use natural oils and put them in a diffuser with a little water, since the aroma has to be subtle, but we could cause migraine or annoying sensations, something to avoid.

The lighting must be adequate to be able to see, but not excessively illuminated or gloomy.

Use candles, light indirect lights (table, walls …) instead of direct ceiling lights. In no case turn on cold lights, fluorescent tbos type, since it would give us more the feeling of being in the doctor's office or in the supermarket aisle than in a moment of intimacy.

Aphrodisiac drinks to awaken the senses

aphrodisiac dinner

The environment already transports us to a different situation, although we have been with our partner for many years, you will feel that the nerves emerge. One way to calm them down and prepare to eat or eat, and nervousness produces salivation.

In addition, the mouth and genitals are connected, so if we relax our mouth, tongue and maxillary muscles, our genitals and other erogenous areas are also relaxed.

The vast majority incorporate some alcohol at this stage. I invite you to provide something different this time, and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages to enjoy 100% of all our senses.

Cold or warm tea: Mix green tea (Sencha preferably), orange or tangerine peels, rose petals, hibiscus and jasmine. You have to infuse green tea for a maximum of 3 min, but it will be very acidic. You can sweeten it with honey or brown sugar.

Moruno tea: it is green tea with fresh mint (it is drunk very hot).

Passion fruit juice, custard apple or guava: These fruits are closely linked to fertility treatments, and to combat the effects of menopause, they are ideal for women. Since time immemorial, they are considered aphrodisiac fruits for women.

You can add Guarana, Maca or Ginseng powder to any fruit juice, they are natural stimulants and also help prevent erection problems.

Be careful with the sugar levels you add in juices or teas, since an excess will cause us to thirst throughout the night.


aphrodisiacs that really work

Sharing a good bath or shower is a relaxing and purifying way to start any evening. I recommend that you use natural honey or almond soaps, and that you end the ritual with a quick and loving massage of cinnamon oil, rose or cocoa cream.

For the latter we will apply the oil on the wet skin, and warm both hands well, with a rapid friction between the two, before rubbing your lover's body.

Do not apply perfumes or colognes with artificial aromas or alcohol after bathing, since we hide natural aromas of our body, keys and primordial for mutual physical attraction.

Aphrodisiac foods

aphrodisiac for men

There are no 100% aphrodisiac recipes themselves, but there are ingredients, which you can use with your imagination to prepare delicious dishes that are also aphrodisiac foods. I recommend that you prepare together a series of fresh, healthy and quick dishes to prepare by combining and / or using these ingredients:

Spices: Anis, Basil, Saffron, Fennel, Dill, Ginger, Chili, Cinnamon, Cumin, Turmeric or Pepper.

Foods: Seafood, fish, fresh cheeses or Tofu

Fresh vegetables and herbs: Mint, basil, arugula, ginger, asparagus, chives, ciboulette, lettuce, edible flower petals, Celery, Fennel, cucumber or radish.

Fruits and nuts: Figs, Cherimoya, Papaya, pineapple, Passion fruit, Guava, Strawberries, Raspberries, Melon, Banana, Male plantain (for frying) or avocado.

Spice up: honey, orange blossom water, rose water, bitter orange marmalade, balsamic aceto, sea salt and brown sugar or panela.

In your menu, create simple dishes but play and combine with the flavor variants. Always remember that the mouth and genitals are connected. The more experiences of flavors you have, the more experiences of sensations.

It combines acidic elements with sweets and then bitter, ex. a salmon ceviche accompanied by an arugula salad with balsamic aceto and orange marmalade.

Tell us your recipes in the comments!

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