Harley opens to electric motors


harley-davidson livwire

“Electric Harley Davidson Livewire in closeup” by Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker (CC BY 2.0)

The Milwaukee motorcycle manufacturer has already released several prototypes that meet the new pollution demands that are demanded today in big cities, in addition to having released a model.

Harley-Davidson has already presented several prototypes of electric motorcycles. The most famous American manufacturer in the world has opened up to the market for engines that do not pollute, so sought after on a planet that needs such modifications to curb climate change.

Several large cities in the world have had to take action for the pollution problems in them due in part to the vehicles that travel their streets every day. London, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon or Amsterdam are just some examples in Europe, where one of the last capitals to join this type of measures it was Madrid.

All this forced Harley-Davidson to have to update and continue growing in the same line that society demands, which right now is the electric. Hence they have already taken various models, Still mostly unreleased, very striking in those who do not miss the essence of what a motorcycle of that brand is.

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