Guided excursion to Rio de Janeiro: the best options


If you never made the decision to vacation in Rio de Janeiro surely you know at least one person who has done it. And, of those people who already went to Rio, possibly more than one regularly visit this spectacular city during their annual recess. Taking a guided excursion to Rio de Janeiro is recommended for the first time you visit it, as if you are already a regular tourist from that area of ​​Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio is an extremely popular destination for its extensive beautiful beaches and the amount of different activities offered by this city, both day and night. Within what is a guided excursion to Rio de Janeiro there are many, MANY options to choose from. It all depends on your interest, how much time you will spend in the city and with whom you are visiting. You just have to know some of them so you can choose the ones you like best.

Which guided tour to Rio de Janeiro do I start?

In addition to starting the day with a delicious breakfast full of fruits, filling your body with sunscreen and heading to the beach to spend the whole day sunbathing and swimming in the sea, Rio de Janeiro offers endless activities and places of cultural interest . Nothing better than knowing the different options available to grab pencil and paper and start organizing what you are going to do every day you are visiting that city.

Without a doubt, the excursion to the Christ the Redeemer is worth a hundred percent, and is a must if you are

Visit in Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the most famous postcards of this city and an excellent excursion due to the view that is obtained once you climb the Mount of Corcovado. Who doesn't want to have that classic picture with the Christ the Redeemer? No tourist leaves Rio without that photo! A recommendation in relation to this activity is that it is best seen on sunny days, because if there is a lot of cloudiness or fog, the panoramic view of the city does not get to glimpse well. In general, the excursions are half-day, with a duration of 5 hours, and there are several pick-up points that can be chosen. Ideal.

Following the high excursion line, the visit to the Sugar Loaf is something that nobody should miss. The view from that hill is the other classic postcard from Rio de Janeiro. If you really enjoy the good views, this is an adventure that will fascinate you. It ascends in two sections. The first can even be done walking. The best option is to hire the tour with an experienced agency, which can even offer a combined excursion to Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer on the same day. An ideal option for those who have few days to get to know the city.

The city of Rio de Janeiro offers different landscapes that are worth knowing. An alternative to go through the most important and interesting places of this Brazilian city, is to hire a complete tour of Rio de Janeiro by van. In this way you can travel in 8 hours the most relevant sites, including, of course, access to the Christ, the Sugar Loaf and a cable car tour with stunning panoramic views of the city! Some options also include a typical Brazilian lunch.

Rio de Janeiro

Walk around Ilha Grande

If your thing is really the sea and the sand, you can not miss Ilha Grande in Angra Dos Reis. Hiring this excursion, they will look for you at the hotel where you are staying or its surroundings and you can take a boat trip, enjoying sailing and the beautiful landscapes. They will also make stops on the island to feel the fine and warm sand under the feet and get into the sea. Being a tour of approximately 12 hours, you will also have time to do more adventurous activities such as diving. Safety pin!

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a city full of adventures for all public, do not miss the opportunity to visit it. Once you meet her, you're going to want to come back a thousand times more!

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