Guide to buy an industrial fryer


The industrial fryer is a very useful appliance for many catering businesses or for organizations or institutions that prepare food in large quantities (school canteens, residences, camps …). And, although the frying process in the fryer is, in principle, quite simple, choosing the right industrial fryer can be a bit more complex.

An industrial fryer is an appliance designed to heat large quantities of oil to fry large quantities of food. The fryer model, as well as its characteristics, influence important issues of the frying process.

As usual, industrial fryers use large amounts of oil to fry food following the deep frying method, at temperatures between 175 ° C and 190 ° C. Food is placed in a basket, which is held with a handle. The food is put in the basket, it is carefully lowered to the oil tank and, after the necessary time, the basket is removed and the fried food is removed. These are usually placed on absorbent paper to remove excess fat.

Once this is read, it may seem that buying an industrial fryer is a simple matter. After all, what is needed is a large fryer. But It is not just a matter of size that you have to consider when choosing an industrial fryer.

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Types of industrial fryers

Mainly, industrial fryers can be desktop or floor, electric or gas, single or double vat, with drainage or without drainage … It seems that the choice is not so simple.

Choosing between some characteristics or others depends on the needs existing in each case. These needs may refer to the available space, the need to be able to move the fryer at some time, the amount of food that you want to prepare at the same time and / or the type of food to be fried, the type of energy available , etc.

One of the most interesting choices usually has to do with the number of vats. If there is enough space, a two-bowl fryer, such as the MasterCook double professional fryer, is an excellent choice. Not only can you prepare more fried foods at once, but you can use each bowl for a different type of food. In this way, the oil used can be better preserved in the case of foods that spoil it less, the flavors are not mixed, etc.

Characteristics of industrial fryers

Regardless of what type of fryer you choose for an industrial kitchen or hospitality business, There are some characteristics that all these fryers should have to ensure proper and safe use, as well as a result that meets expectations.

An indisputable issue is the manufacturing material: stainless steel. In addition, it is highly recommended that industrial fryers have thermostat regulator protector Turn them off automatically when the basket is raised. In the case of double-bowl industrial fryers, this thermostat must be double. Also, have a safety thermostat against overheating It is more than recommended.

Another feature that undoubtedly characterizes a good industrial fryer is that it has protective cover. In this way, in addition to maintaining the heat and avoiding splashes, any element in the environment is prevented from falling into the oil.

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