Guide and tips for cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms


Guide and tips for cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms

cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms

The cleaning of bathrooms is one of the areas that we often give less importance when managing our organization or company and do not necessarily have to face the public to devote more resources. That's why in this article we want to make a small guide for cleaning and disinfection of public toilets to guide as much as possible the most efficient way to do it. So here are some cleaning and disinfection tips.

The image counts, who has not had to make use of a public restroom and on leaving has said himself that he does not return to that place? Image of dirt, lack of cleaning with the appropriate periodicity, bad smells etc. Although it is also true that there are times (counted) that you find the opposite, an image of cleanliness and cleanliness will always make a very good impression of the place.

But not everything is going to be a company image and loyalty of our customers through the maintenance of our urinals, it is simply the cleaning required to avoid possible disease transmissions due to the considerable number of bacteria that freely swarm through these places. So without further ado we leave you some guidelines to improve the hygiene of these spaces.

Cleaning conditions

  • A good one ventilation It will make bad smells disappear, open doors and windows. Help yourself with air fresheners and odor eliminators
  • Use disinfectant products to ensure proper cleaning of surfaces and auxiliary devices as well as detergents and ecological cleaners
  • Use the different cloths or rags depending on the need of each element, whether they are for dust or moisture

Avoid with these guidelines the black spots of the joints in walls and ceilings product of poor ventilation and humidity of the bathrooms as well as the misuse of drying rags.

Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms

Valid for both public and private bathrooms, whether in hotels, sports facilities or the office.

  • As he shower plate Like the bathtub, let's start with them, let's not forget to have a brush on hand for the inlays and dry well after cleaning.
  • Toilet, exactly the same even cleaning the tank more frequently by chlorinating the water with some disinfectant gel.
  • We must not forget the wallsWith the moisture and condensation of the water a film of bacteria is formed that must be disinfected.
  • FaucetIn addition to the disinfection we will apply antical to extend their life. We must try not to drink water directly or to rinse our teeth if there is no continuous cleaning.
  • The crystals and mirrors We will clean them daily as the use itself requires it, water splashes, colognes, toothpaste or after shave.
  • Litter bins, note that in many places they are not only used for the role of hand drying but also for the toilet itself, a reason to pay more attention to them.
  • The soils, of course, finally the cleaning and disinfection of the floors.

To clean your bathroom well always use a bacterial technology that prevents the spread of pathogenic germs

cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms

Tips for using a public restroom

Obviously, the first thing we are going to do is to advise certain actions for users of public or private bathrooms.

  • Do not sit in the toilet, it is a surface with a huge amount of bacteria and germs and although it is difficult to spread, this is possible.
  • Use the toilet paper as long as you see it in perfect condition since it is a material that would come into direct contact with our skin.
  • Always lower the lid after use, if we "pull the chain" the water could splash out with harmful microorganisms.
  • Try not to touch exposed surfaces of the bathroom, be they handrails, mirrors etc.
  • Always wash your hands with soap before and after.

After this reading some of you will remember when your moms told you "Juanito lower the water cover when you finish" or "pull the chain" or "wash your hands" … Popular wisdom has its reasons.

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