Gravitricity, a battery that uses gravity


Gravitricity is a new system that aims to store electrical energy without the need for batteries, and using gravity.

The possibilities for this idea are enormous, as they present a competition for lithium batteries, at a better price.

In the video below they explain how the system would work. It is in English, but below I explain the basics:

Gravitricity Energy storage versatile and long life.

Currently, large amounts of energy are being produced in different forms of renewable energy, such as solar or wind. One of the main problems of these energy sources is that they are not constant. The day-night cycle and the variation in wind speed, in many cases produces more energy just when it is less needed, or large volumes of energy are needed when it cannot be produced.

This problem has usually been solved with the use of batteries. The problem with batteries is that they are expensive (although prices have gone down greatly) and that their life is not very long.

Recently, dams have also been used where water is pumped, which is then used in hydroelectric power. But this has the problem of water management, and efficiency.

How does Gravitricity work?

Similar to water dams, but instead of pumping water up the mountain, in this case they lift a weight in the pit of an abandoned mine (which would be reused in this way). Or in case there is no available mine, with a well dug just for this purpose.

Then, through a series of pulley mechanisms and dynamos, energy is stored when the weight is increased, and released when dropped.

The great advantage in this case is that it is cheaper to create a set of pulleys and dynamos, rather than today's lithium batteries.

And as I said, it will last longer without deteriorating.

The difficulty of this system is to get the weight to rise and fall through the well without hitting its walls. Of course rails could be used. But I imagine that friction would reduce efficiency.

We have already seen that in the city, sustainable cities are being created that produce the vast majority of their energy through solar panels within the same city. Using a system like this they could store all that energy much more easily and at better prices.

Now I wonder, would it be possible to also use the well of an empty elevator in a very tall building? An interesting possibility to think ahead.

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