Good sushi in Madrid, eat differently


Good sushi in Madrid

In today's article we are going to talk about how to find a good sushi in Madrid. You know, that in recent years this great Japanese delicacy is booming. And for that, you have to know some simple guidelines and see where we can find the best of this type of cuisine.

And already, I'm giving you one of my favorite places in the capital. Do you want to meet him?

Surely in the big cities it is easier to find what we are looking for, but at the same time it is more difficult to find something that impresses us. Normally, the culinary offer is very broad, and therefore, finding a good place to eat sushi in Madrid, can be more complicated than it seems.

How to choose a good sushi in Madrid.

Before going directly to a sushi restaurant we have to decide if we want it to be exclusively Japanese or to merge different cuisines. This last option is incredibly interesting, since in addition to enjoying a good traditional sushi, you can choose dishes with different international nuances.

A good sushi in Madrid that combines the best of Japanese cuisine and also adds the Mediterranean richness with Caribbean and South American influences is NAKAMA Sushi Bar.

Nakama, a sushi with flavors of the world.

NAKAMA Sushi Bar

Originally with an establishment in Las Rozas, but recently opened also in the neighborhood of Chamberí, Madrid (Calle Sagasta), it is a highly tempting and accessible option.

Its informal but elegant design makes you feel very comfortable from the moment you walk through the door until you decide to go home. In NAKAMA they have been imbued with the flavors that flood the world to offer them in their surprising dishes of oriental touch.

NAKAMA Sushi Bar

As restoration professionals eager to offer something new they have put a lot of effort into combining the best flavors here and there to delight our palate.

In its menu, we can find the most traditional Japanese dishes and some as a result of the fusion with gastronomy from other places. Therefore, it is known as the place where the Japanese meet the flavors of the world. Finding some anchovies in tempura with miso, Mackerel hosomaki or Galician octopus niguiris is a culinary experience.

Good sushi in Madrid

But not only good salt cuisine is lived in NAKAMA, since the dessert menu, its wines and modern cocktails complete a fantastic experience. Little can be added, when good pairings and sweet snacks complement the perfection.

In addition, their philosophy is to respect the raw material they work with as much as possible, so we can always expect dishes of the highest quality. In this way, each visit to NAKAMA Sushi Bar becomes a unique lunch or dinner.

Good sushi in Madrid

These are for me some of the most important keys to enjoy a good sushi in Madrid. Now all you have to do is try it and be a participant in the NAKAMA Sushi Bar experience.

Images courtesy of NAKAMA Sushi Bar.

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