Glass curtains Enclosures for balconies and terraces.


Closing the terraces or balconies is an excellent solution to enjoy these spaces throughout the year. Surely you have seen enclosures with profiles that you find attractive, but today we talk about another option rather more aesthetic, the glass curtains.

Glass curtains

Know this solution that will allow you to protect your terrace or balcony from the outside, offering you panoramic views of absolutely the entire exterior.

What are glass curtains?

The glass curtains are a glazing system different. They do not have aluminum profiles, so aesthetically they are lighter. A perfect solution to close rooms thanks to the versatility of the glass panels.

Lighted balcony

These curtains are glass panels with different opening systems that allow us to enjoy a extra space improving the visibility of a conventional enclosure with vertical profiles.

Balconies with glass curtains

We can say, therefore, that this type of glass enclosure, as we can find in companies such as Vitroglass, are very aesthetic and functional. An innovative and very practical system that will make our lives easier; and, in addition, they have many advantages.

Gallery enclosure

Glass curtains to close porches

How glass curtains work

The glass curtains have a very dynamic and simple operation that will allow them to open and close without almost effort, something that facilitates our day to day; and it is not about fixed panels, they can be opened to ventilate without any problem.

Benefits of glass curtains

View from balcony with glass curtains

The glass panels will be folded, depending on their opening / closing system, in a simple and smooth way to facilitate, in addition to the opening, their cleaning. The lower rails or guides allow the panels to slide without having to strain too much, either to open or close.

Glass curtain system

Different types of opening of these glass enclosures

As for opening systems, we can talk about several types. We find, for example, with folding glass curtains. The sheets of these curtains slide allowing all the sheets to accumulate on one of the sides and thus leaving the glazed hollow fully open. To do this, you will only have to open one of the sheets that works like that of a normal window and then slide the rest little by little until you place them in the position of the first. In the next video you can see how is the opening system of these glass curtains:

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