Give voice to the child. Be the parents our children need


«Give voice to the child. Be the parents our children need»Is a book by Yvonne Laborda published by Grijalbo editorial that I am convinced will transform your way of understanding your children. But not only that, it will allow you to better understand yourself and the way your parents proceeded when they educated you (always trying to do it in the best way they could and knew).

Give the child a voice

Today I want to make this proposal known to you «Give voice to the child. Being the parents that your children need »although I have already told you about him in one of my previous posts such as the following: From the corner of thinking to emotional accompaniment. A post that I recommend that you read as soon as you can, because in it I explain the path that as a mother and professional I have traveled over the last years. A path that tries to leave behind certain methods that have not just fit in with the way I want to educate my children.

But today the topic at hand is this magnificent book by Yvonne Laborda. A guide that will help you connect better with your children and with yourself, to improve your emotional bond, to know yourself and to become that father or mother that your children need. I explain why right after offering you your technical file and the editorial synopsis

Data sheet

  • Title: Give the child a voice
  • Author (s): Yvonne Laborda
  • Translator:
  • Publication date: 05/2019
  • Language: Spanish
  • Format, pages: eBook, 256
  • ISBN: 9788417338909
  • Thematic: Parent Council, Policy and News
  • Collection: Pregnancy, Baby and Child
  • Recommended age: Adults

Price: EUR 17.00

Recommended price: EUR 17,90


It is no accident that this book has fallen into your hands, because books, like people and experiences, come to us and appear in our lives at the right time: when we are really ready to receive them.

In Give the child a voice You will find – instead of theories, methods, strategies, or fashions – a guide that will accompany you along the way to be able to feel your inner child and also to give voice to the children of your life.

Yvonne Laborda, through close explanations, everyday examples and practical exercises, will help you to connect with children's experiences, to give them a name and to learn to validate them without falling into interpretations or judgments in order to improve the emotional bond. A path of deep self-knowledge necessary, which will allow you to get a look of complacency, intimacy and affection towards your children.

Why do I recommend «Give voice to the child. Being the parents our children need »?

I recommend you «Give the child a voice. Be the parents that our children need »if you want to educate your children in another way, away from the cries and punishments that don't work.

Give the child a voice

And although the road will not be easy – because inside us there are automatic emotional reactions that push us to continue controlling, threatening and shouting at our children – you will learn to gradually overcome the obstacles that until now have deprived you of being the father or Mother your son or daughter needs.

Conscious, respectful or positive parenting does not consist in letting ourselves be done, in being permissive and not putting limits on our children. None of that is educating. It is about understanding to set limits from respect, without physical or verbal violence. It's about giving presence, validating our emotions and those of our children. It is about understanding what unmet need is behind a supposedly negative behavior, behind those displaced demands (which we will discuss in depth and that you have very well explained in the book). It is also a change of paradigm, of look.

Giving the child a voice is ready to be used as a consultation during difficult times. If you feel that you return to old patterns, if you lose control … do not hesitate to reread chapters to empower you and reconnect again.

Yvonne Laborda.

If you liked this review or think you can help other parents who, like you, seek to educate their children away from old models that do not work, I invite you to share it among your social networks. But before leaving let me suggest other books that I have reviewed in this section dedicated to books for parents.

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