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One of the crafts to give more cool, both for boys, girls, men and women, is a personalized shirt. Normally, you usually buy the shirts already made and make drawings, sew appliques or whatever you can think of. But what if we tell you that you can make the DIY shirt from scratch, with fabric to make t-shirts, from the pattern, to cutting, sewing and decorating them? Well, this is today's tutorial, which we have seen in it's always autumn, so very attentive because it has many steps and details, but it is not difficult if you have some idea of ​​sewing.

DIY t-shirt tutorial


Let's start at the beginning, which is to download the pattern of the shirt to be able to print it and to use it as a reference, expanding it according to the measures of the person to whom you are going to give the shirt. Here it is:

V-neck t-shirt pattern

You can download the PDF of this pattern in this link. As it is in English, we translate the main words: "back" is back, "front" is front, "sleeve" is sleeve, "fold" is folded, "v neck tee" is a V-neck t-shirt, "Neck" is neck. It is in inches: "in" refers to "inches", therefore, 1 in is 2.54 centimeters.


When you have the pattern drawn on patterned and cut paper, you have to put it with pins on top of the fabric and trim it, always leaving some margin for seams and attachment points. The result after cutting it is this:

How to make V neck T-shirt step 1


How to make V-neck T-shirt step 3

You start by preparing the V-neckline on the front of the shirt. It has to be sewn with a straight stitch at exactly 1.27 cm from the edge so that the neckline does not deform. You have to cut the inside corner of the V too.


How to make V-neck T-shirt step 3

Now is the time to put the two right sides of the shirt together, the front and the back, and sew the shoulder part.


In this step the shirt is left on the side to make the neckline, to make the hem of the neck in "V". The right sides must be folded together, matching the "V" of each end. Then, the “V” are sewn together with a 1.27 cm seam. Upon reaching the corner, the needle is left down and the presser foot is lifted, then the fabric is turned, the presser foot is lowered and sewn, leaving the corner sharp. The result will be like this:


The next step, which is seen in the next photo, is to attach the neck to the shirt.

On the neck, it has to be measured 1.27 cm upwards from the lowest point of the V and is marked with a pin. On the shirt, 1.27 cm is measured down from the tip of the V and marked with a pin.

How to make V-neck T-shirt step 8

It is paired with a pin in the middle of the “V” so that they join in the neckline. Next, the right side of the shirt has to be turned down so that the neck can be attached on the other side of the "V".

How to make V-neck T-shirt step 10

Now you have to sew along the neckline that is marked in the photograph with a dashed line.

And then, pins are put all over the edge of the rest of the neck so that the "V" is completely attached to the shirt.


How to make V-neck shirt step 11

To finish the neckline, you have to sew the rest of the neck to the shirt. So as not to fray, you have to do the overlock, overcasting, or filleting.


How to make V-neck T-shirt step 12

Now it would only be necessary to attach the sleeves of the shirt and sew them, as well as, finally, sew the sides of the shirt and hem the shirt and sleeves.

We hope that this tutorial has helped you to learn how to make a DIY V-neck T-shirt step by step and that, from here, you can customize it as you want to give it to a friend, friend or family member.

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