Get to know Córdoba and its amazing mosque through the Free Tours


Do you want to escape a day of the routine and perform a visit to the mosque of Córdoba And everything in that city? Without a doubt, it is a wonderful plan, but it really improves if you do it with someone who can show you everything that beautiful city has to offer.

Cordoba TicketsThat is why this time we are going to talk about freetour Córdoba, a concept that has become very popular in recent years years. What is it about? well, it's a urban walk that you are going to do accompanied by the best qualified guides.

These will be responsible for guiding you to the most prominent places, offering the best information of each of these sites. The best? They do not have an established rate, simply You pay according to your degree of satisfaction during the tour. Definitely a pass!

During this tour you will be able to visit the most relevant places in the city, you can visit the historic center of this ancient city, so full of history and whose cobbled streets are adorned with some authentic architectural works of art, built and kept standing throughout the centuries waiting for you to know all their stories, that the guides are responsible for sharing with you.

Free tour of CordobaAnother place where free tours they will take you so you can admire its beauty, it is the environment that surrounds the Guadalquivir river, which hides an incredible historical wealth and where you will find the very famous Roman Bridge, which has been many times the stage for great productions of films and series.

There are many places in Córdoba to visit, each more interesting than the other but without a doubt those We are sure that you will be more fascinated the old neighborhood of the Axerquía, which during medieval times served as a settlement and that It is currently considered as the source of the social life of Córdoba.

It is essential to visit the Mosque of Córdoba

Mosque and Cathedral of Cordoba

Córdoba is famous for housing among its streets one of the most important mosques in history, not only for what it represents, but also for all the architectural and artistic wealth that it has treasured throughout its history.

The Cordoba's mosque It has impressive 23,400 square meters, full of elegance, historical details, lots of art and above all a feeling of peace that will give your trip to Córdoba A different and refreshing experience.

Inside the mosque you can observe the wonders of muslim art, which undoubtedly had a strong representation at the time of its construction. You can also observe the Horseshoe Arches while you are enlightened thanks to all the golden atmosphere that shines within the structure.

Qualified guides of free tours They are committed to you knowing the history of each of the details of the mosque and how within it you will not only be able to observe details of Muslim art, but also other cultures and styles, such as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. A very enriching experience.

Cordoba Synagogue

The Cordoba's mosque It is certainly a representation of part of the cultures that we will be able to find in this captivating city. However, it still has many more places to offer, such as the Jewish quarter of Córdoba, a medieval Jewish quarter where you can find the Oldest synagogue in all of Spain.

Listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, it is certainly a fixed destination to visit. All these places and more you will love, leave the routine behind and look for the best Free Tour that Cordoba Ticket It has to offer you. ¡¡Cordoba you is waiting!

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