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The first recipe I present in this 2020 is the Georgian spinach and cheese bread, also know as Khachapuri. This is a tasty dish, which supports different variants and that adapts at any time of the day. Come on, what has been an SUV.

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Ingredients for a unit (about 25 cm).

For the dough, type Amish milk bread.

– 885 g of normal flour

– 565 g of whole milk

– 50 g potato flour

– 2 large eggs

– 115 g of butter without melted salt and at room temperature

– 65 g of sugar

– 17 g of salt

– 10 g of instant yeast

– Milk or egg to varnish the dough (optional)

For the filling.

– 150 g of fresh spinach

– 110 g shredded feta cheese

– 1 clove garlic

– 2 large eggs

– 1 large tablespoon of butter or olive oil

– Freshly ground black pepper

– Salt

Time of preparation: 65 minutes

Before starting with the elaboration, several points must be taken into account:

The first is that the amounts I give for the dough are enough to make a large loaf of bread; Therefore, you will have several times. The second is that cheese bread needs several hours to be ready, since the dough must be left to rest for a long time.

So, we prepare the ingredients and utensils that we are going to need and start.

Preparation of Georgian or Khachapuri Cheese Bread.

Preparation of the dough.

As you could imagine, the first thing we have to do is prepare the dough for our cheese bread. On this occasion, I have chosen the style milk bread dough Amish, although there are other masses that also work well.

The preparation of the dough requires a few minutes, it usually takes more time to weigh the ingredients than to prepare.

Add all the ingredients to a large bowl and mix with the kneading paddle or a spoon. We pass the dough to a large container with a lid and cover it completely without closing. Let it stand for 2 hours at room temperature and then put it in the refrigerator, in the less cold part.

In order to use the dough, at least 3 hours must pass, although I usually leave it longer. Keep in mind that you can have the dough in the fridge for up to 5 days. If you are not going to use it, you can also freeze it.

Preparation of the Khachapuri or cheese bread.

Once the dough has cooled, we take it out of the refrigerator and we put it with the filling and assembly of this tasty bread. Turn on the oven and preheat to 200 ° C.

First, we wash and dry the spinach and peel and chop the garlic very fine, eliminating the heart. Then, we put a small pan on the fire and melt the spoonful of butter. Add the garlic, brown and add the spinach. We will sauté the vegetables until they have lost almost all the water. Then we remove them from the heat and let them temper.

Next, mix the feta cheese and an egg in a bowl with your hands or a fork. Then, we incorporate the tempered spinach.

We also sprinkle flour on the fresh dough. We are going to cut a piece of 170 g of the total dough we had prepared. Flour our piece again and give it a round shape, ensuring that the surface is smooth; we will be the size of an orange juice.

Assembly of the Khachapuri.

Then, on a sheet of vegetable paper or silicone, we will extend our ball with a roller to give it an oval shape, not very thick. Now, we arrange the filling in a straight line through the center of the oval. We extend it a little more towards the sides, but leaving enough space to fold the edges of the cheese bread.

We fold the edges inwards, forming a kind of boat and pinch the tips to seal them. If you choose to varnish the Khachupuri, do it at this time. Bake the cheese bread at 200 ° C for 15 minutes.

After that time, we take it out, make an incision in the center with a spoon and peel the other egg there. We bake again for 8-10 minutes at the same temperature or until the egg is ready.

Finally, we take the tray out of the oven, serve and add salt and pepper to the egg yolk before eating it. Thus, we finish the elaboration of this fabulous Georgian or Khachapuri cheese bread.

You see, because of the ingredients it carries, it suits us perfectly for a full breakfast, a brunch, lunch or even for dinner, why not! A delicious, nutritious and healthy dish that you cannot miss. 🙂

Extras of the recipe.

Tradition says that the Khachapuri is served with a little butter on the egg. This will give you extra creaminess. You can also choose to varnish the dough with butter after baking.

In addition, cheese bread admits other fillings or combinations of ingredients, such as parsley and sage, for example.

NOTE: Adaptation of the original idea of ​​the book Holiday and Celebration Bread in Five Minutes a Day

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