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garmin fenix 5 plus
If you are looking for a perfect smart watch for athletes, Garmin Fenix ​​5x plus watches are probably the perfect ones for you.

The Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus series, adds to the basic version, color maps, contactless payments, in addition to a Galileo GPS that gives these watches greater precision. They are also trained with new smart notification privacy features, among other features.

The high-end Fenix ​​5X Plus watches also have a new, very complete pulse oximetry hardware / software solution. On the other hand, there are also a lot of new software features, more focused on the world of hiking, although they are also applicable to other sports. They have a very complete application to track your physical activity outdoors!

Fenix ​​5X Plus model improvements

Next we will detail everything that these watches bring back.

  • Added up to 16 GB of full color maps on the three Plus models.
  • Ability to listen to music and its offline synchronization.
  • Ability to make payments by NFC.
  • Possibility of connecting Bluetooth headphones.
  • Higher battery performance (Between 32 and 85 hours depending on how we have the watch).
  • Greater privacy in the notifications on the phones, so that the content of the messages is not shown automatically, but when the wrist is turned or the button is pressed.

Other interesting features

The Fenix ​​5 Plus can also be useful when you are traveling, as it includes a database of points of interest inside, so you can find shops, monuments and other points of interest directly on the device. You can make the clock create a route to go to the point of interest you want.

If this is not enough, specific coordinates or saved locations can also be routed on the clock, as well as simply choosing a point on the map. In addition, you can have it create a round trip route (with different hiking / running / cycling modes only) based on a length that we want to travel.

If you want to buy one of these watches, we recommend Maroy Joyeros, since they allow online purchase and are quite serious and fast with shipments.

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