'From the other side' of Carmela Trujillo


From the other side by Carmela Trujillo. Editorial Kuei Ediciones, 2019. 248 pp., Youth, adults, € 15.

By José R. Cortés Criado.

Carmela Trujillo knows how to take the reader to a world between reality and desire, between one life and another, between life and death in a simple, pleasant, dreamlike, thoughtful, ironic, but always vital and hopeful way.

It all starts a rainy night, in which the protagonist, Blanca de los Ríos, suffers a fatal accident that transports her to a place of passage to another dimension.

He does not know what he is doing there or how long he has to stay in that place, but he learns quickly and begins to understand his new state thanks to his new acquaintances and the mirrors of the toilets.

His new life takes place between apartments, restaurants and a police station; Depending on the place, your experiences change and the mirrors allow you to see how the life of loved ones goes on this other side, in that life that you left and so you know how your earthly existences continue.

The special bond that united her to her mother continues to have an enormous strength and that engagement allows both of them to notice their respective presences and face their lives with much peace.

It is amazing how the deceased speaks to us with great naturalness of her passage through the earthly life and is reviewing her experiences, either to remember her love and heartbreak, with her sweet moments, unexpected clicks and start again.

Chapter deserve the friends, from that perspective that gives distance and time. Now he knows them better and knows what they thought of her and why certain events, such as the fact carried out by her closest friend, Anabel.

And more special are the dialogues with the people who are in that waiting place until the outcome arrives, a carambola that leaves us with a good taste and indicates that life has its good and bad moments that compensate for our actions.

They also highlight the two folders that the deceased opens, one red and one blue. The first includes opinions, memories and thoughts that cause pain; the blue is to write down all those who are sweet, tender and loving.

The author knows how to mix memories, scraps of memory with night and rain, constants that accompany the thoughts of the protagonist until they get to analyze her soul in a pleasant way.

The reading of this novel is very enjoyable, occasionally sparks of humor that make you smile, others of solidarity that excite you, others of scathing irony that makes you reflect, others of coincidences that dot any life, and all, have Something in common, they don't leave you indifferent.

Definitely a novel to recommend to good readers, whether they are mature young people or adults.

Carmela Trujillo, Editorial Kuei Ediciones, José R. Cortés Criado

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