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Evolution of mobile rates: from megabytes to gigabytes

The way we use our mobile phones has changed in recent years. In just over a decade, we have gone from using mobile phones just to call, to make calls almost the least. Of course, mobile phone operators are aware of this and have evolved rapidly.

And the mobile data rates They have been progressively increasing. If a few years ago we managed 150 Megas, now the rates with dozens of gigabytes or even unlimited, are the order of the day. There are those that accumulate what you have not spent in a month, for the next month, being able to find you with 40 or 50 Gigas for a month.

The increase in the number of gigabytes in mobile rates

The change in mobile use

The data of our mobile rates, determine the use we can give to high-speed Internet. Usually, we have a certain amount of data, with which we can navigate with 4G speeds and already in some places 5G speed.

When we spend it, two things can happen. We can pay a little more to continue sailing quickly. Or we can keep a slower connection with which playing online or watching movies is practically impossible. The fact of playing with our mobiles the different games that we can find in Google Play, have turned our mobile phones into consoles.

When we barely used the mobile to send a WhatsApp or check the mail, with a few megabytes it was enough. However, with the development of new technologies we are increasingly doing more things on the mobile.

Now it is quite common for us to use our smartphones to listen to music on Spotify or watch movies on Netflix. And the few megabytes offered by operators a few years ago, have become obsolete.

Increase data, lower prices

That is why mobile rate offers have changed radically compared to previous years. Now practically all of us offer several Gigas to navigate, download apps and play tirelessly. And this figure does not stop growing. In fact, there are already several operators that are choosing to offer us rates with unlimited data, something that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

And while the amount of data to navigate and use our mobile phone increases, prices go down, which is great news for all of us mobile phone users. At present, it is possible to find offers with 25GB or more for less than 20 euros. The rates with unlimited data at the moment are still priced higher. But it is absolutely certain that, over time, they will also decrease in price. As we did not dream of unlimited calls from home landlines decades ago, it is likely that paying according to the data ends up being part of the past.

Do you think it is currently worth paying for an unlimited rate? Do you think there will come a time when we will forget to pay according to the number of Gigas? We invite you to tell us your opinion in the comments section, which you can find below.

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