Four destinations to travel with children and enjoy with the family


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Vacations are different if they are celebrated with children, since you have to combine leisure and fun with knowing the places you visit as a family

One of the possibilities to enjoy during the holidays is travel with children. Traveling with children offers many opportunities to have fun and spend an intense vacation. The way of traveling is different from other options, because it is not just about traveling to a tourist destination and see everything it offers. In addition, you have to look for several activities so that children have fun and the pleasure trip does not become a torture for them.

The cultural trips They may be an option, but normally, children and adolescents are not aware of what they are going to see and may become bored. That's why a good idea is travel to points where you can combine the visit to monuments and places where you can have fun with them. We are going to propose five places where you can travel with children with Voyage Prive and make the most of the vacation trip.

Traveling Ninos Portaventura

Travel to a theme park

The theme parks They offer hundreds of hours of fun. Most of them offer the possibility of staying in one of the hotels that are inside the park's enclosure or in one of those located near it. In Spain we have two parks near the beach, Port Aventura in Tarragona and Terra Mitica in Alicante, so it can also be an ideal complement for a holiday at the foot of the sea. The Warner Park is located in Madrid, which makes it a very desirable place Magic Island is in Seville, another city full of activities and places to enjoy all together.

The magic of the caves

Have you ever been under the earth, in one of the wonderful caves that open in many places in Spain? During your stay in the Valencian Community you can discover «Les Coves de Sant Josep", in Vall d'Uixó. Through this cave runs the Europe's longest navigable underground river. The tour travel 800 meters by boat and another 80 meters by foot, by rooms of incredible beauty and with a very interesting mystery, since you do not know where this underground river is born.

Zoos and aquariums

The animals They love children and it is always a good idea to know them a little better. Zoos have changed over time and now it's about places where not only can you observe the animals in semi-freedom, but also serve as a study site to preserve their natural habitats. This is the mission of the Bioparc, both in Valencia and Fuengirola. In it you can see the animals that live in Africa and other parts of the world. In these parks, children discover how they live and many things that help them discover where they live in freedom and how to keep those places in conditions. In the case of aquariums, it is somewhat similar. The Oceanogràfic of Valencia, the Aquarium of Barcelona or the Aquarium Finisterrae in La Coruña are good places to go with children.

Science Museum Valencia

Museums for children

The big cities They are also places where you can travel with children, because they have many activities to do with the children. One of those things is to visit the museums dedicated to children, where you can spend a few fun moments with the kids. In Madrid you can visit the Museum of the Tooth Fairy, where lives this nice character who treasures all the teeth of children in Spain. In Barcelona there is the MIBA, the Museum of Ideas and Inventions, where you can see all the curious inventions that have been made in Spain and around the world. In Valencia there is the Prince Felipe Science Museum, in the City of Arts and Sciences, where you can discover many curious things and you can even see the chicks that hatch in one of the plants of the same.

There is hundreds of trips with children that will allow discovering incredible places that will make the holidays become an adventure.

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