Fix or replace, what to do with your quality furniture


I put you in situation, you have a good piece of furniture, let's say a sofa.

It's a few years old and it cost you a paste at the time, but the upholstery is already very worn from use, the padding does not go through its best and the color you do not even like.

What is the best?

Get rid of the sofa and buy a new sofa or try to fix it because the structure is worth it.

Who has not happened?

Good furniture is not cheap, but it is of quality and it is possible that there may be times when it is worth investing in fixing it instead of buying a new piece of furniture.

Although it is also true that today there is a great deal of everything and sometimes it does not pay to spend a significant amount of money fixing it and reforming it into a piece of furniture that is not new after all.

It must also be taken into account that today, for example, it is possible to find very affordable quality sofa offers in the market.

The same, for example, could be applied to a piece of furniture to which we have a special affection and which we are sorry to get rid of.

So what to do in that case?

Here are some tips and recommendations for you to make the most appropriate decision.

Search information to know whether to renew or recycle

To make a decision about whether it's worth renovating a sofa or buy a new one, it is important to have all the information.

The fabric of the sofa has a lot of friction, and therefore is one of the first things to do.

How much does it cost to upholster a sofa?

The Price for upholstering a 3-seater sofa It varies between € 500 and € 1,100, depending on the type of sofa and the type of fabric you choose.

At this price you have to add the price of the fabric you choose, normally for a sofa of the size we have discussed (without chaise longue) you will need about 13-14 m.

The average price of a fabric to upholster a sofa is about € 30m, so you would have to add about € 400 more.

If you choose this option it is important know the best fabrics for upholstery, since not all are suitable for upholstering a sofa.

It is also possible that for your sofa is in perfect condition you have to fill the cushions, repair the straps so that it does not sink or fix some scratches, for example.

You will have to add these arrangements to the price of reupholstering, on average they are about € 400 more.

Advantages of fixing a sofa

If it is a high quality piece, it will almost always be cheaper to repair it than to buy a new one of the same quality.

To this we must add that if you only have to reupholster, it will radically change the appearance not only of the sofa but of the room you are in, turning the piece into something much more current.

New Sofa!

And you also contribute to the environment by reducing waste.

Buy a new sofa

Recycle and renovate a sofa Old as you have seen has many advantages, but not always worth it.

In the end the investment of upholstering and fixing an old sofa is not a small amount of money, and maybe even if it is very good, the design or the size you do not like anymore.

The furniture offer nowadays is super wide.

It is not even necessary to kick dozens of sofa stores, watching one after another sofa.

Internet has also reached the furniture, and it is possible to find good quality furniture at a good price in online stores.

Yes, make sure that they are indeed good furniture as many online furniture stores bring furniture from China with very low quality standards.

Both the structure, for example the Spanish pine is infinitely better and more durable than the wood from China, as the fabrics used in its upholstery are two fundamental aspects when choosing a good sofa.

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