Find laughter videos to send by whatsapp


Find laughter videos to send by whatsapp


The humor in the network It has two of its best allies in the memes and viral videos that are shared. Al Cachondeo is one of the most veteran Spanish humor websites. They have been online since the year two thousand, and what they have left. Do you remember your favorite memes? Some real protagonists of the most viral funny videos they have become famous, because laughing is one of the things we like to do most, to all and to all.

You can find laughter videos to send by whatsapp on and

The first time the Internet saw a not very favorable image of someone's childhood was in Reddit, in the two thousand and eleven. The image was taken by the mother, and the boy said he did not regret the life he took a few years ago, and not that the image went viral. ANDrmahgerd is a game with the words "Oh, my God". The meme appeared for the first time in March of two thousand and twelve, and a publication entitled: "only the owners of a book smile".

Memes are an Internet phenomenon that are widely disseminated and viral capacity. This term, that of memes, is used in the planet of the on line to describe an idea or a symbol that is spread in a massive way by social networks, weblogs, mail, etc. It is an Internet phenomenon that stands out for its great diffusion and viral capacity, and although it does not seem so, it has its origins in 1971, when the biologist Richard Dawkins already debated the theories of cultural diffusion that they are based on imitation. He did it in his book "The Selfish Gene."

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Find laughter videos to send by whatsapp

Politics is a recurring theme in humor

And around it the viral images multiply. If you are someone popular … Beware! TOunque there are endless viral images, the meme by antonomasia is that of Julio Iglesias … And you know! ORAmong the most used trends in this phenomenon of the Internet, are the animals, for example the "crawlers" and the "perretes" that star in an endless number of whatsapp videos.

The use of memes in advertising is a tool that offers many benefits. Lyou memes are part of the frequent language of plus youngsters, but also make a dent in the older ones. Employing them means talking face to face with a huge potential of potential users of our services or products. This will strengthen the engagement. Viral is one of the most desired words in advertising.

The virality is homonymous of success, of enormous influence, since it is the users themselves who take charge of sharing those images to their contacts and acquaintances. They are from rfast consumption, and that's ideal in a world where we do not have too much time to pay attention to an idea. This is how memes work, your message is transmitted in two seconds.

Another of its advantages is that it usually refers to current moments, the common thing is that they are done when a big news event is generated. The memes refer to him and sprout after a few hours. They are usually easy to create, but you have to have ingenuity.

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