Fiber optic, the fastest Internet connection option


adsl vs fiber optic

The optical fiber for the Internet connection, it is expanding more and more due mainly to the offers of telecommunications companies. If a few years ago the most common was the ADSL, most operators now highlight the advantages of fiber.

If you have considered making the change, you may not be very clear about the advantages of both options. Then we will tell you so that it is clear, where each technology goes.

Fiber optic, an increasing Internet connection option

ADSL vs fiber optic

The ADSL connection is established through the telephone line. This means that it has coverage throughout most of the country, but it also limits services a bit, especially speed.

For its part, the optical fiber comes to us through a fiber cable which drives light impulses. This makes it difficult for us to encounter interference. Therefore, the speed will increase exponentially with respect to ADSL, and it is also a safer type of network.

This makes it the most desired option for those who want greater speed. Although depending on the use we give it, we may not need it too much, usually being able to navigate at a faster speed, it makes our work much more comfortable.

optical fiber

Differences in ADSL vs fiber optic price

Yes, it is true that fiber is usually more expensive than ADSL. Therefore, it might not be the best option for those who put savings above the rest. But it is also true that different operators are increasingly launching greater fiber optic offers. So, if you want to make the change without spending too much, you would just have to look for the cheapest fiber.

Today, most operators offer packages that make fiber optics more and more profitable. Therefore, it is practically no longer necessary choose between speed and price. And in the near future, the price differences between the two are expected to be less and less relevant.

Fiber optic coverage vs ADSL

The main problem we usually encounter when we consider hiring fiber is coverage. In the urban centers at this point there are no problems in this regard. But if you live outside, in a rural area or in a small town, you may not have options to choose fiber.

This is the point at which the ADSL wins. Approximately 90% of the national territory has coverage of this type, while the optical fiber is a bit more limited. However, the latter's expansion is growing more and more, and this is expected to soon cease to be a problem.

Is ADSL or fiber optic better?

In short, we could say that if you have available coverage, fiber optic is usually the best option. The greater speed and reliability of the connection, will make this service, something indispensable in the days that run.

And you, are you fiber or ADSL connection? Leave a comment below, with your experience in both Internet connection technologies.

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