Festivities, nature and disconnection in the Aragonese Pyrenees


With the arrival of summer, the Aragonese Pyrenees is preparing to receive one more year the most emblematic festivals of the entire region. As many tourists as citizens from different parts of the Pyrenees come to all the parties after booking a few days in one of the many hotels in Jaca. In this way you can enjoy the events that are scheduled in the different months of the summer period.

On June 25, Santa Orosia is celebrated in Jaca. It is their patron and their mountains. For centuries, on this date the procession takes place in honor of the said Saint. On the occasion of this festival, all the towns of Campo de Jaca meet, each with its parish cross.

Tradition says that Orosia was a princess from Bohemia and that she was martyred for defending her purity. After this event, a pastor found the decapitated body and distributed each of its parts in different towns. Thus, he put his head near the nearby village of Yebra de Basa. The trunk and limbs took them to Jaca, which are currently preserved in the main altar of the cathedral. Therefore, every June 25, both towns meet to celebrate their special day. Therefore, the days before the party, people stay at many hotels in Jaca to see how the procession carries the urns that keep the above mentioned remains while the dancers dance old dances of castanets and sticks.

The day ends with the public exhibition of all the cloaks that, over the centuries, have been embroidered in honor of the patron saint. The bishop has taken them out one by one and is raising them to heaven.

On the occasion of this holiday, many take the opportunity to intersperse the celebration with various excursions and get lost like this, by bike or hiking, in the Aragonese Pyrenees. For cyclists, it should be noted that there are hotels that accept bicycles. These hotels stand out because in their facilities they have four suitable services for this vehicle. In this way, it has a workshop space where they provide several tools to prepare the bicycle. There is also a locker room with padlock included facilitated by the establishment itself. If after the trip your bike has ended up muddy, the hotels offer a washing area to be shiny and ready for another adventure. You can also find these types of establishments in several hotels in Canfranc. In addition, it should be noted that all these services are completely free for those who stay in their facilities.

Another type of tourism, apart from the festive and sports, is the family that choose the Aragonese Pyrenees to escape a few days and enjoy the full nature that surrounds them. Losing oneself among the mountains is one of the favorite hobbies of many families. This predilection is increased if the hotel also has a spa in the Aragonese Pyrenees where you can relax and combine multi-adventure activities in the Aragonese Pyrenees, with relaxation and disconnection between thermal waters.

And it is that, we can define Jaca as one of the favorite destinations for tourists who visit the beauty of the Aragonese Pyrenees. Thanks to its artistic and natural heritage they make it a privileged place. This is so, that hotels in the area already have the most attractive activities to facilitate the organization and management of the reservation of the same to the guests.

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