Felt Flower Bouquets


Giving flowers is always a symbol of friendship, love and good wishes. Although it is an act that is usually carried out on special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings or to wish for a speedy recovery, any day or time is good to give flowers and the best option is to contact a natural flower supplier to be able to make the best possible bouquet of flowers, either to give away or to decorate the house. However, there are other ways to give flowers or have them at home and last forever. We are talking about felt flower bouquets. Do you think the idea is original? Well then, keep reading, because we are sure that you are going to love these proposals.

Bouquet of tropical felt flowers

We start with this wonderful bouquet of tropical felt flowers. Among them, we can see flowers like dahlias, proteas, buttercups, poppiescocoons of roses, Palm leaves Y eucalyptus stalks. No doubt for their vivid colors and its shape is an excellent composition and can be used for a special occasion, such as decorating the house for spring and summer.

Vintage Felt Flower Bouquet

Vintage felt flowers bouquet

Here we have another composition of very special felt flowers. As we see, it is a bouquet of felt flowers of vintage style. In this floral arrangement we see flowers like dahlias, buttercups, poppies,
anemone of the Japan, Provence rose (also called centifolia rose, may rose or cabbage rose) and eucalyptus stalks. As we see, in addition to a beautiful composition that falls to the side in an elegant way and that makes this bouquet is perfect to place it in an old vase or in a metal jar, it also has some pastel colors very delicate and elegant that boost this vintage air and Romantic.

Romantic felt flower bouquet

Bouquet flowers felt romantic bride

If you are looking for a romantic bouquet style, from eyou are perfect bridal bouquets and last forever, notice this bouquet of felt flowers. In it we see flowers like classic roses, cocoons of roses, rose stalks, stems of eucalyptus the color blue, succulent, gerberas and fhypericon ruts. Its colors, which combine red and maroon tones full of passion with lighter colors, like pink and pastel blue, full of romanticism, are the perfect union. Look at the idea of ​​decorating the bouquet with a velvet bow whose bottom ends are made of a skirt. You can see the tutorial to make this DIY bouquet in this link.

Bouquet of wild felt flowers

Wild Felt Flowers Bouquet

We finished our selection with a bouquet of felt flowers wild stylethat is to say field flowers, a bouquet that you could make while taking a walk in the countryside in spring or summer. In it we can see felt flowers like poppies, sunflowers, buttercups, lavender, lilies, succulent and many more. It is characterized by being a bouquet of vibrant and lively colors, ideal for decorating a rustic-style house in spring and summer.

What do you think of these bouquets of felt flowers? Do you dare to make one yourself? We are waiting your comments!

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