Fabio Arias won the poll and Ángelo Quintero did not recognize her


The precandidates to the Governorate of Caldas, Fabio Arias and Ángelo Quintero agreed to carry out a survey to define the only candidate for the Interior. The results were announced and the winner was Fabio Arias.

The survey was conducted by the National Consulting Center in 600 households in Caldas via telephone, which showed that Fabio Arias won it with 59% and Ángelo Quintero with 41%, but these results were not accepted by Quintero because he said that during the survey process to many citizens asked them badly at the time of whether they would vote for Quintero Palacio.

"In that exercise we perceive that for me it is surprising. A friend is mispronounced by my name and is an unknown person. The poll was not done for Angelo Quintero, but for Angelo Quintero and I find it very difficult to accept the results because they pronounced it with g and not with and ", said the former Secretary of Agriculture of Caldas.

"I always said that this topic was trustworthy because we were part of Dr. Guido, from that point of view we started the survey. This is an opinion poll, where it is clear to me that you get to the knowledge that you have of the person. I am confused and I am surprised because the survey is conclusive, "said Fabio Arias, a candidate for the Governorate of Caldas.

The Representative to the House and president of the Conservative Party in Caldas, Felix Chica, pointed out that it will be the National Directorate of the party in deciding whether Ángelo Quintero is the candidate of said community to the Interior.

# Elecciones2019 The pre-candidate, Fabio Arias, won the survey to the Gobernación de Caldas that took place between him and Angelo Quintero. Angelo did not recognize the results. www.bcnoticias.com.co

Posted by BC News on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

# Elections2019 The Representative to the House, Felix Chica, referred to the results of the survey between Fabio Arias and Ángelo Quintero. Explain what will happen to Quintero's candidacy. www.bcnoticias.com.co

Posted by BC News on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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