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We return to the field of reforms, in this case to talk about the company Waris Energy, located in Rivas-Vaciamadrid (see contact and location data below) and specialized in reforms. Currently the services offered are:

  • Partial and total renovations of kitchens (see kitchen reform budget).
  • Bathroom reforms with or without work.
  • Integral reforms of houses.
  • Office reforms.
  • Workshop reforms.

We are not going to talk about all your services but about kitchen and bathroom oriented, in the latter case, without work.

Bathroom renovations without work


Which is a bathroom reform without work? Basically it is a work of decoration and reform of low budget. This implies that when it comes to lifting or removing partitions, changing bathrooms by shower, changing faucets, fixing ceilings and other types of works are exempt and replaced by a more decorative work, which does not imply that the result is worse.

In this sense, Waris Energía offers this series of services:

  • Change of bathroom furniture. We are not talking about changing the sanitary elements but the furniture under the sink, changing shower and bathroom screens, enabling shelves and, in general, making the bathroom more functional, which includes using movable and ergonomic furniture.
  • Decoration work. It will depend on the type of floors, walls and ceilings of the bathrooms to apply vinyl tiles in the former, plastic paints or tiles in the latter and roof protection against moisture.

From here, if we talk about how long does a bathroom renovation last, can be extended from one day to five days, in the case of a reform without integral work. The costs, of course, are much lower than the work reform.

Kitchen Reforms


If we talk about cooking – except for some luxury bathrooms – the service offered by Waris Energía is more complex, although not less efficient. Making a budget is also more difficult because of the variety of furniture and appliances to include, but we can divide it into two types:

  • Partial Kitchen Reform. This type of reform focuses on decorating the kitchen, not including reform. We talk about painting the walls and ceilings, installing light floors, tile painting, installation of appliances, furniture such as tables, chairs and furniture, design and, very importantly, change in lighting with lamps and other accessories. These last works are supposing a great revolution within the kitchen design.
  • Total kitchen reform. In this case, if we talk about performing work, it can even change the configuration of the kitchen. Works may include throwing walls and lifting new ones, changing roofs, making a total change of tiles or completely changing the floor. If we talk about furniture and appliances, this type of reform goes beyond the change of these elements until the kitchen is adapted to make better use of the spaces. The change of the bell, installation of chimneys and other accessories are also included in this type of works.

These services and others can be obtained getting in touch Waris Energy through the following data:

Waris Energy

Telephones: 914 342 170 – 664 434 092.

Address: Calle Joaquin Sorolla, 118, 28522 Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid, Spain.

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