Experience the cinema of the 80s with today's technology


All of us who grew up in the 80s remember with affection the Super CinExin, a toy that consisted of a small projector and that included several tapes in super 8 format, usually from movies of the Disney factory. It was released in the 70s, entertained many afternoons of our childhood at a time when it was not usual to have a projection room at home. Therefore, the idea of ​​the simplicity of the CinExin system has inspired these criteria for selecting cheap home projectors that we present below.

How to live the cinema of the 80’s today

The cinema, let's accept it, every day is more expensive. In the television channels in open they usually put the same films in loop during weeks and, although we choose to subscribe to paid platforms like Netflix or HBO, it is necessary to admit a terrible fact: the films of today, many times, are not how the of before.

Those wonderful movies of the 80s, from the sagas of Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Rambo to the movies for the whole family on Saturday afternoons, from Cocoon or ET to The Five Club or The Dead Poets Club, They are no longer used to being as present on television grills as they used to. And that is why having a projector at home can be a great option to share the movies of our childhood and adolescence with generations to come.

The current projectors are small, compact and capable of projecting a sharp image on any white and flat surface, as was the CinExin at the time, but they are also compatible with very different image formats. So, both can be worth to see the latest Tarantino on Blu-Ray to recover your Beta or VHS video player from the storage room and hear Terminator say "Sayonara, Baby" once again.

However, although they are versatile, the cheapest ones are much more recommended for old movies or low-resolution formats, since their very basic technology will more easily project the granulated images of the Gremlins becoming those filthy and rebellious bichejos if they You fed after midnight that a digitized scene of The Lord of the Rings.

Simply select the most suitable projector for your needs and budget, taking into account the noise level, size, price and resolution. Who was going to tell you that for a price that, in some cases, does not even reach € 100, you would have a cinema in the lounge, right? Really, for the most nostalgic it can be a perfect gift.

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