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Excellent Seller Program. The sales force of a company is the most important point of contact with the customer: It is also the one that has the greatest impact on the results.

For many companies not only the most expensive of their assets, but also the most complex. The design of this sales force deserves special attention as it has a direct impact on costs, revenues and customer coverage

The sales force management cycle is:

To train



To train

Jonny Martínez was a sales representative for the Goodyear company. At that time the company had a program to professionalize its sales force, called:

Professional business advisor.

Jonny Martinez who is an economist by profession; He was sent to do a program of specialization in the technological University of the center, along with all his colleagues in the sales force, the course lasted one year; There he learned different techniques that made him a true professional business advisor.

Two years later, he was called to occupy the position of Distribution Development Coordinator. All this I achieve, because he broke several records of sales and collections, won several awards.

His career was always ascending:

Marketing manager, Sales, and director of marketing and sales the maximum position of this division in the company.

His training was full of courses, specializations and a master in marketing.

In 2004 he founded www.liderazgoymercadeo.co where he shared his experiences with more than 100 authors.

He has traveled to more than 50 cities in 18 countries.

He has published 20 courses and two books.

Since 2006 Jonny Martínez has taken his program Excellent seller to many companies; with the aim of professionalizing the sales force.

This program is made to measure, according to the requirements of the company. From a short seminar, to a one-year program, in this case the title is Professional Business Advisor.

The program consists of face-to-face seminar, digital course and reading material.

It teaches or reinforces the skills of:



Advertising and promotions

Distribution Development




Social skills

Strategic planning

Emotional intelligence


Creativity and Mental Development

The company that wishes to know about this program can contact through


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