Everything you need to know about generous wines


The generous wine is one with an alcoholic graduation between 15 and 23 degrees, obtained from a characteristic aging system. In Spain, we have excellent examples of generous wines, such as Jerez wine or Malaga.

Within international wines, Portugal is one of the reference countries if we talk about generous wines, with its famous port wine or Madeira wines, as well as France, with Banyuls.

If you have not tried them yet, we invite you to know the world of generous wine. Discover how they are made, their different types and characteristics or how you can combine it to achieve the perfect pairing. Do we start

Generous wines: types and characteristics

The generous wine, also known as fortified wine, is made from young wines, to which wine alcohol is added to increase its alcohol content, in a process called heading.

Let's now look at the main types of generous wine that you can find today in the market and its characteristics.

Fine and chamomiles

They are made from pale and light wines, also known as aging wines in bloom. East generous wine It is characterized by its biological aging, fermenting by the action of yeasts. When it accumulates on the surface, the so-called "flower veil" is formed, characteristic of this type of aging. The fine and chamomiles are characterized by their pale color, with an aroma reminiscent of bread and nuts and a slightly bitter saline taste. His alcoholic graduation ranges between 15 and 16 degrees.

Odorous wines

These wines are made with an oxidative or physical-chemical aging, without a flower veil. This oxidation process adds body to the wine and enriches its flavor, extracting the aromas of oak from the barrels that contain it. His alcoholic graduation is somewhat higher, between 18 and 19 degrees.


This type of generous wine It has a mixed upbringing, in which the two previous processes are combined. Amassed wines undergo a second heading to place their alcohol content between 18 and 19 degrees. Afterwards, aging is similar to that of odorous, oxidative type wines.

Chopped sticks

To elaborate this generous wine a complex and extraordinarily delicate parenting process is necessary. The denomination of ‘cut sticks’ refers to the oblique stripes with which the boots containing these wines are identified. The must is headed up to 15 degrees, then proceeding to a second heading to be above 17º, followed by an oxidative aging period.

Looking for recommendations for buy generous wine? The market of wine sale It has expanded enormously today, with the expansion of online commerce. If you are taking your first steps in the world of generous wine, ask in your wine store by designations of origin such as Jerez, Manzanilla, Montilla-Moriles or Málaga.

Portuguese Porto, French Banyuls or Marsala Siliciano are other outstanding proposals if you are looking for a generous wine international quality, very easy to find whether you have a wine store trusted as if you prefer buy wine online.

As for pairing, the generous wine It combines perfectly with sweet flavors, making it ideal to accompany desserts. Its flavor offers a perfect counterpoint to the sweetness of chocolate or nuts. Do you dare to try it?

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