Essential accessories for this summer


Hello girls! How is the Summer going? To us super good : D Today we want to talk about the essential accessories that you must have yes or yes in your closet this summer. Why? Many times we have a last minute plan and we need the right clothes for that occasion. And unfortunately … the stores are not always open! So it is better to prevent than to cure ;)

Summer parties

Who has not been invited to a party the day before? And on top of it! It has happened to us hundreds of times, for this reason we want recommend 5 essential accessories that you must have in your closet FOREVER to be perfect in any circumstance.

Top 5 essential accessories

The tutu

The other day we were invited to an anniversary party with a "safari" theme. Luckily, most of us had a tutu that made it super easy to create our look. An ideal garment to make any homemade costume, since it can be combined with any other textile accessory and obtain fabulous results.



Hats for parties and celebrations are ideal to succeed! If you are planning to organize a party you can use them as an accessory in the photocall. Try to choose an original one to get attention and be able to reuse it on numerous occasions.



To complete any look party is It is essential to use a necklace. It is important that you have a pair in your house that will help you out of any trouble! We are characterized by our accessories, so you should try to choose designs that match your style.

Essential accessories


The body is the one of the must have more important that you should consider in your closet. It has long ceased to be something to wear hidden under clothing to become the undoubted protagonist of the outfit. You will find them in infinite styles and designs, so they are very versatile.


The years pass and it never goes out of style It's the complement you'll need every summer! : D It is in thousands of models, fabrics and colors … ideal to complete any of your outfits, either for partying or for day to day. : D


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