Envelopes lined for your wedding invitations, for a little added value


One of the topics that I like the most and that I enjoy most during the organization of a wedding and also the one that I dedicate the most time to is the creation of the wedding invitation. Yes, it seems that it is one more task in the list of pending things of the wedding, but I believe that the wedding invitation is the beginning of everything. I mean, I like to stop to think, to design the wedding, the colors, the textures … I do not leave anything to chance, everything is very much thinking so that it follows the same line from the beginning to the end. I like to homogenize, I think that harmony should be present in all the stationery as it should be present also in the flowers or in the rest of the decoration. When I dedicate myself to boyfriends, well, it's my way of acting: everything thought, everything in order. Everything in harmony

Dedicate some time to design your wedding, imagine it, see the colors, the textures, … it is the first step to create the wedding invitation. If this is clear, everything is shot.

Many weddings are already more channeled for this year 2019, but there are also others that begin as the next autumn or winter weddings or perhaps for the restless couples of spring 2020 … that's why today I wanted to tell you about the invitations of wedding.

There are more and more options for make different and original wedding invitations. The truth is that it is difficult to decide if you are not clear about what type of wedding or what colors you want to prevail. When you already have some premises ready, it is easier because the search is greatly reduced.

I have already commented on several occasions that I really like to give an added value to the invitation no matter how small, always give that unique and special touch. For this you can use a thousand options and with different prices (always have a marked budget because if not the wedding is shot in the various items). I think one of the simplest, nicest and cheapest ways to add value to your wedding invitation is to use lined envelopes. Yes, envelopes lined. Yes, envelopes for pretty pretty wedding invitations. It is one more element, a very discreet element that gives a lot of value to the posters making it different. Since you can combine the invitation with the matching lining, you can create a very elegant and value-added invitation to mark the difference of other wedding invitations given by relatives or other friends.

This small difference of creating wedding invitations with the envelope is one of the trends for a few years … there are endless options. For example:

* If you create the invitation in a plain color, in the envelope you can put that color but with flowers, stripes, pictures, diffused, …

* If you create the invitation in different colors with different elements, the envelope can be from one of them. Choose the tone and make it smooth so as not to load.

* If you like discretion above all things, you can use posters in kraft (for example) with the typography in white or black and the envelopes in kraft with the lining of the same tone as the typography. Or use a thicker paper in white tones and white envelopes and put some color in the lining and typography.

As you can see there are many options. It consists in finding yours.

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