Entrepreneur, Madrid is a city to undertake and succeed


Entrepreneur in Madrid, succeed in entrepreneurship

EntrepreneurWe are already in the culture of entrepreneurship, it is the era of entrepreneur. Unfortunately there are many countries that take us decades of advantage but there we are. Either due to our own business culture and the lack of private investors or simply that we were not prepared in Spain, it has come with force and is probably the consequence of the crisis we have suffered and that we may be suffering.

But we are in time to reverse this situation. Fortunately, large capitals have the strength of their own infrastructure to streamline the economy of business tissue As an entrepreneur, communications, the large population, tourism and the headquarters of large corporations make our community a place to do profitable businesses in Madrid, therefore, to undertake.

And how to know and put into practice what has been learned, since there are more and more citizens with a university education, it is characteristic of the entrepreneur, we dare to say that if you are part of that social stratum you have many possibilities to become Madrid entrepreneur. But be careful, let's not fool ourselves, this does not mean that you have guaranteed success.

Entrepreneur, Madrid is a city to undertake and succeed
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Madrid a city to undertake

The first thing that we must take into account is the situation, the right place for your new company, consider the rental prices of premises in the center, too expensive but with a lot of possibility of billing due to the transit of people. You may want to fill a gap in the extra-radio that is not covered, in some population in need of what you offer, note that in Madrid there are populations of more than 200,000 inhabitants, much more than certain provincial capitals. Profitable businesses do not depend so much on their location but on what you offer to the public in any place that is not established.

And what do we want to offer? It depends on your experience and your knowledge. We talk about clothing, luxury sector, catering, food, services, industrial …

An important fact to start a business can be to consider a online business, you would save local expenses, which is usually the first mandatory expense to overcome month by month. However, the first step you should never forget is to perform a market study.

  • Do you have your product in demand in the area where you want to be located?
  • Do you have local competition?
  • Do you already have segmented clients?

If you have already had a business in the Madrid's community You can see that the corresponding town hall requires a market study and a viability plan, so be realistic and objective when you present the project.

Some help for the entrepreneur from which you can benefit

Whether you are fond of and love a certain activity, or you have the theoretical knowledge necessary to exercise this activity, you are in a position to consider undertaking in the Community of Madrid. There are many of Government or local corporation aid To start, find out.

  • You will have heard the help of Flat rate or extension for freelancersIt is very important especially when starting the activity.
  • Other, the Boost Program, intended to help those self-employed in difficulties so they can continue with their projects. Have you been harmed by the floods of a few weeks ago? Seize it.
  • Subsidies for Promotion of Collective Entrepreneurship. Intended to help the creation of labor societies or collective entrepreneurship such as a cooperative society.
  • Or the program Re-undertake intended for those self-employed who have exhausted the benefit for cessation of activity and wish to return with this assistance for up to 18 months.

Franchises for entrepreneurs

You will have heard and / or read many times the opportunities that generate open a franchise. Why not? It is an almost certain bet. Attend franchisee fairs, find out and decide for yourself. You can also consult a specialized consultancy which can guide you in the election process.

All this makes Madrid a city for the successful entrepreneur.

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