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Channel 24 hours broadcasts ‘Emprende’ on Thursdays at 16:00 They can also be seen on TVE International as well as on different digital platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, they are subtitled for deaf or hearing impaired by the RTVE Subtitling service.

With a public service vocation, ‘Emprende’ provides ideas, knowledge and innovation to help create jobs through the development of new business projects.

He directs and presents Juanma Romero, Luis Oliván is deputy director / director, Carmen Sastre lsubdirectora and Juan Lainez, producer. Since January 2014, the program has received 40 national and international awards, in recognition of its dissemination of entrepreneurship and support for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs.

‘Undertake’ this week will analyze how to improve business and make them more profitable through new technologies and applying a series of communication techniques.

The video that follows focuses on those millions of jobs that are not covered due to lack of professional qualification and technological entrepreneurship, focusing its contents on the Internet and social networks, mainly on the most useful when generating employment: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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