email marketing: send mass emails for free


email marketing: send mass emails for free


Send mass emails is one of the most effective online marketing strategies, especially for small businesses, but also for large companies. We must take into consideration some details at the time of send free mass emails so that our strategies are optimal. Which are the most common and frequent inconveniences? How to send Massive emails without falling into SPAM?

We must bear in mind that we must not fall into the bad practices of SPAM, because it is an action that can be noxious for our image and for our business. It is not the same when you post information on social networks than when you send emails. In this second option, you have to respect the privacy rights legislation and it is fundamental to only send your information to anyone who has shown interest in receiving it. Only then your emails will be open and even read.

Many studies have already proven that one euro that you invest in email has a return of about forty-three euros. It is profitable and effective for your potential customers to approach you and not be the one who has to go out and look for them. TOapply a strategy e-mail marketing based on mass mailings can save you many hours of work and relieve you when you have a clear lack of time.

email marketing: send mass emails for free


You probably already have a number of people on your list who will have previously registered and given you their permission to receive your notifications. Never give that database to third parties, it is prohibited and punished. Every time you take out a new service or a new product, it's a good time to send those massive emails to all your customers to inform them. It is very likely that they will be interested, either to update the product purchased or to acquire a newer one.

But since you're not going to send e-mails one by one, you'll need those tools that make it easier for you to send in a sectoralized way. For that there are the managers of mass emails, also called email marketing. These tools let you send campaigns to the entire list of people you have included and you save a lot of time. It would be practically impossible without software for mass email.

This way you will know who opens and who clicks on your emails to then call them and offer more information. Lograrás more sales in periods of weak months and seasons of promotions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Sale, et cetera. Vas to increase the satisfaction of your customers because they will be up to date with all kinds of events related to your product or service.

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email marketing: send mass emails for free


There are services that let you send, for example, emails, in fifteen campaigns every month. And to a list of three thousand subscribers for free. This is usually enough for any small business. A option that is suitable for a small business or for an independent professional. COn a marketing email strategy that is well planned, hours of work are saved.

When creating an emailing campaign, we proceed to send emails to our contact list. The email and marketing managers are used to send the entire list at once. These platforms facilitate our work and offer us an extensive variety of templates with which we can customize the design of the campaign. It can be programmed for instant or agreed shipments in time according to our needs.

Send e-mails is one of the most effective tools for SMEs. These campaigns also allow us to calculate, what percentage read the e-mail, how many opened it, and how many sent it to the wastebasket. Mailrelay is one of the best e-mail marketing tools that you will find. You just have to read the hundreds or thousands of users who advise it.

In my case, I always looked for a tool that stands out because of the design, because I am very clear that I want a first visual impact. In fact, I know that many people do not read, but even they and they intend to send the message with a photo, a video or a highlighted phrase. When I make an e-mail campaign, for me, personalization templates are very important.

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