Ebooks Purchased in Microsoft Store Cleaned after Closing


Microsoft closes its store and deletes its ebooks. Customers who bought e-books on the Microsoft platform have been informed that they will be volatile in the current month of July, thus disappearing from their devices.

The DMR, servers in charge of managing digital rights and anti-copy security measures of these works, began to be turned off on April 2, after the closing of the electronic books section of the Microsoft Store after not having met your sales goals.

Microsoft closes and deletes ebooks

The e-books that were acquired have been erased and are no longer available for reading and the buyers of said works, as the company explains in a help page, are being informed of the economic reimbursement for the total of their purchases.

When a user buys an e-book through an online store, he is not buying the book forever, but access and right to read the text. This access can be withdrawn at any time and for any reason, according to the terms and conditions of sale of Microsoft and all major e-book stores.

Other companies like Amazon, Apple or Google They work in the same way. What the user buys is an authorization to access the copyright of the books, not the ability to own them forever.

The restrictions of ebooks they are due to the massive piracy that lurks in the electronic reading market. The books that are sold in these types of stores are encrypted with copyright, to protect the income chain of all the actors that participate in this process. From the authors to the electronic stores, through the editors.

In the era of digitalization, many things have changed for good and others not so much, and that is that if a liberation closes, the physical books that we buy continue in our possession.

Man sitting in a library and holding in hands a modern ebook reader and paper books, bookshelf in the background

It's time to treasure our physical CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, videogames or enjoy again the smell of a new book because … what will happen to all the digital content (blocked by DRM) that we currently keep in different applications or devices if one day your decision makers decide that the end of your company has come and they close? That surely they run the same fate as ebooks sold in the Microsoft store.

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Ebooks Purchased in Microsoft Store Cleaned after Closing

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Ebooks Purchased in Microsoft Store Cleaned after Closing


Microsoft closes its e-book store and informs its users that purchased e-books will be erased. Enter to know more!


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