Easy recipes to make on the barbecue


When is the next barbecue? .
This is how we said goodbye the last time we made a hangout with friends.

And the good weather arrives, the nights lengthen and the wonderful season of barbecues begins. It is the best time to prepare the terrace, the garden and enjoy the best summer tradition we can have.

Ahh but you don't have a garden or a great terrace where you can ride all the shed. Don't panic, you can use the best electric barbecue and do it inside your house. These types of barbecues are somewhat smaller, but the food will taste like blessed glory, and you can take them anywhere. In https://www.mi-robot-cocina.es/aparato-coccion/mejor-barbacoa-electrica-precio/ make comparisons of best price electric barbecues which is currently in the market, helping us find the one that interests us most.

Everything grilled over low heat tastes much better, grilled meat, vegetables, good fish even grilled fruit skewers are delicious. This way of cooking relaxedly is one of the best social pleasures we have.

The best of the barbecues that we can currently buy, is its easy handling and cleaning.

That smell of coal and that time of chatting with friends while finishing the last pinchito fills us with joy and good humor for the whole day.

Here are my favorite recipes so that you become the king of the barbecue from your house.

You just need to share and of course a barbecue, no matter how much space you have, there are currently many models that adapt to our economic and spatial needs.

– easy barbecue recipes –

1- Sirloin with thyme and ginger

Mace the meat with thyme, extra virgin olive oil and the juice of two lemons and the ginger zest to taste. Prepare skewers with sirloin medallions and roast them on the barbecue. preferably use the metallic ones, which are reusable.

2- Skewer of squid and prawns with vegetables.

Try to sandwich cherry tomatoes, red pepper, zucchini, beets with prawns and squid. Impregnate the skewer with a mash of garlic and parsley oil and barbecue.

3- Vegetable skewers

The roast of vegetables with a previous dressing of garlic, parsley and aove is one of the delights that can not be missing in a good barbecue.

Try green asparagus, with tomatoes, peppers, corn cobs.

The best accompaniment for meats and fish that we do on the barbecue

4- Grilled fruit

Roasting the fruit is a great way to end the day, opt for consistent fruits that hold the roast well.

Create fun skewers with mapples, pineapple, mango, watermelon, melons, bananas.

I hope that all these great ideas will help you to make your next barbecue magnificent, surely you have many more proposals for grilled recipes, but these are the most original ones that I have found and with which we enjoy in our family barbecues

Kisses thousand!


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