DuckDuckGo emerges as the biggest threat to Google in Europe


Following the European Commission's antitrust decision against Google last March, the American tech giant is forced to offer Android users in the EU multiple search engine options to choose from.

As part of the plans, users in the region will be able to choose their default search engine from at least four options, while configuring their Android devices as of March 1.

While one of the options, obviously, will be Google. The others would vary from one country to another depending on the money that these operators are willing to pay Google to enter the so-called ‘Choice screen’.

The list of options that was designed in consultation with the European Commission and will be presented to Android phone users in the region when they set up their device for the first time.

Now that the best bidders have been announced, Microsoft's Bing seems to have lost to the independent and privacy-focused service, DuckDuckGo, which has built a niche among Internet users concerned about their online privacy.

According to the official list, DuckDuckGo will be an option in all EU countries, while Bing will stand out for his absence. The only place in Europe where the Microsoft search engine will be offered is the United Kingdom. That's where DuckDuckGo and will be the other third-party options. You can go to the official Android blog to see the full list or know more about the Screen of choice.

It is worth noting here that Ecosia, a search engine run by a group in defense of the environment that claims to plant trees around the world with its search profits, boycotted the entire auction process, saying that Google's actions violated “The spirit of the EU decision”.

In a press release, its CEO and founder, Christian Kroll, also said that the company will file an official complaint with EU lawmakers, against the American tech giant Google.

After Google's ban on Huawei, it already has another open front. As we see, the thing is tense among European legislators, American technology companies and search engines. Who will win? We think that between pitos and flutes, San Google will win.

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