Dommuss: managing the reconciliation with an app


As in any country, Spanish families face a fast pace of life, with a level of labor demand that implies reducing the time they devote to certain tasks, so that conciliation becomes a real challenge to take advantage of, even better , time and dedicate it in an optimized way to both work and leisure.

Given this need, the Dommuss app tries to cover it thanks to the bet that, at the time, Rita Alonso launched and whose download and use figures are supporting its entrepreneurial effort.

Currently, the mobile application has exceeded the milestone of 50,000 registered users and more than 700,000 pages served on the platform per month, which certifies the willingness of Spanish families to reconcile and improve common tasks, improve coexistence and save on time and effort.

Thanks to technology, an application like Dommuss is able to offer a private space with functionalities to use a shared calendar, a shopping list in which all members of the family unit participate or even the design of a weekly menu.

All this within a friendly, predictive and simple environment that takes care of both the computer development and the contents on which it is supported, providing advice or information that facilitate the day-to-day life of families.

9 out of 10 users of the app believe that its use helps them improve reconciliation.

About Dommuss

Founded in 2014 by the entrepreneur Rita Alonso, a great connoisseur of the family consumption environment thanks to her career in companies such as Procter & Gamble and other prestigious brands, Dommuss He has obtained funds for its development by multiple investors throughout his life as a company.

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