Dolores Promesas t-shirts, to go fashion this summer


Today we are going to talk about the new collection of Dolores Promesas T-shirts, which are perfect to wear this summer, especially if your closet is full of Street-style clothes, since this Spanish firm manages to differentiate much from the competitions in this type of clothes, not in vain, is the favorite brand of many celebrities and influencers.

The trend this summer

If we take a look at the collection of Dolores Promesas T-shirts this summer 2019, we realize that the shirts that send messages stand out and that this brand is very aimed at women who have something to say.

Some of the messages we find have the appearance of being addressed to a specific person, for example, "You steal my calm" or "Life is better when you smile." We also find other motivational messages "I don't give up" or "There is no one to stop me", since the woman who wears clothes of this Spanish brand is also characterized as a female fighter. A woman who gets up day by day with a well-defined motive:

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<p>Looking at the colors, the shirts stand out in this collection for having plain and neutral colors such as white and gray, however, we can also find some prints with colorful ethnic style, based on stripes:</p>
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In case we like drawings, this collection highlights minimalism, where the most classic theme stands out:

classic t-shirt

As you can see, it is a collection where a very classic style prevails, but at the same time it is aimed at a type of woman with personality and clear ideas. If you want to renew the closet, this collection can be very interesting for you, but do not forget to also take a look at other garments of the brand that can fit very well with you, such as dresses, skirts or pants. Ready to renew your closet and give it a new look? This is your moment.

In case you have not yet convinced yourself, we leave you with this very interesting video of an interview that they made with those responsible for the firm, so that, who did not know the brand, you can understand the pull that is having in Spain, without a doubt they have won Freehand success, not only bet on quality and design, but think a lot about their customers, something that today is appreciated.

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