Dog grooming, the best place to bathe our dog


Canine hairdressers like Valodu, which is the best dog grooming in Granada, son the best place to bathe our dogs, since there they have the appropriate facilities to do so in addition to the qualified personnel for it. In this way, we will see why it is better to bathe our dog in one of these specialized centers.

Dog groomers have adequate bathtubs

If you approach any dog ​​groomer you will see that they have large and deep bathtubs, where they can put the dog without water splashing everywhere, in addition to being at the right height.

dog groomer bath

I say this because In many of our apartments there are no more bathtubs, which means that bathing the dog without putting the lost bath is an impossible mission, not to mention the height at which the shower or bathtub is, if there is one.

This height makes bathing our dog at home an ordeal for those who, like me, have back problems.

Canine hairdressers know what the best hair products are

Do you know which is the best shampoo for your dog? Surely you already know that you should not use products for people, but at the same time you will probably not know which is the best shampoo for your dog.

Do you need a shampoo to enhance the white color? A detangling shampoo? Should we put conditioner to soften hair?

All these doubts that you have when you are going to wash your dog are questions that a professional of the canine hairdresser does not ask, since when he sees the dog and touches the hair he knows what he has to do, what product to use for the mantle of Your dog is perfect.

They usually do a small health check of the animal

It should be made clear that a dog groomer is not a veterinary center, but in many centers they usually do a quick check of the animal's health, so that they can cut their nails, the perianal glands empty them if necessary, etc.

dog bath at home

In addition, since they have a good time with the animal manipulating it, they usually detect problems that the owners pass us, such as small bald spots, skin irritations, lumps, parasites, etc.

Perfect haircuts

In the market we have machines to cut hair to dogs and all kinds of accessories that help us to do it at home, but the truth is that the results are quite bungling. Not everyone has enough pulse to cut their dog's hair, or the sense of aesthetics or, above all, proper training.

In this way, the best we can do is take our dog to the dog grooming for those who know to cut their hair, using the best techniques for each breed and doing so without stressing the animal.

where can we bathe the dog

This is how we will avoid taking the dog down the street full of shells or even bald if we go with the razor, or with a cut not suitable for its breed that will make everyone look at our pet and not for good, precisely .

Dog grooming is not expensive

Finally, tell you that canine hairdressers are not expensive, especially if we take into account that we will take our dog a few times a year, because the dog is not cut every month or bathed every fifteen days.

In this way, I think that the best thing to do when bathing our best friend or cutting his hair is to go to one of these specialized centers, which will leave him handsome and clean in a short time.

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