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If you have to travel by car to European Union countries, the Spanish driving license is enough, but more documents are needed to move around another country

Although it is not the most comfortable way to travel, some people decide to do trips abroad with the car. I say that it is not comfortable because you have to travel while watching the road and maybe you don't enjoy the travel experience so much. Instead, for others it is a delight move with the freedom that the car gives own and therefore do not waste time taking the tickets from the plane or train. But do we know what is the documentation necessary to travel by car abroad?

One thing to keep in mind when planning a trip abroad by car: the car will travel many kilometers, with lots of luggage and receive a «punishment»Higher than normal. For this reason you have to make sure that the car is working properly and everything is fine. A review before starting the trip It will allow to have the car in conditions and not take any surprise along the way.

Documentation to travel with the car abroad

Documents required to travel by car by car abroad

The main documentation to always carry is the Spanish driving license. This is valid throughout European Union and in the countries that have bilateral agreement. In the event that the trip is within the European Union, the Spanish permit is totally valid. You can also use it in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, in addition to countries with a bilateral agreement on transport. To find out about the countries that support the Spanish driving license and in which you will need the International Driving License, you can check it in this link.

The Circulation Permit and the ITV in force They are indispensable documents, because they have the same value and function as in Spain. Along with this documentation you will also need the ID or passport, if you leave the space of the European Union.

The safe It is also mandatory and the green card must be requested, which proves that the car is insured at least to third parties. Without him certificate of insurance tenure, the car will be immobilized. The green card is requested from the insurer and will avoid many problems.

How to get the international driving license

To get the international driving license, it must be requested at the DGT. The procedure is simple and has a cost of about 10 euros. The international driving license is in the form of a triptych, gray in color and has 16 pages. It is written in several languages ​​and is valid for one year from the day of issue and cannot be used to drive in the country of origin.

Although it is essential for countries that do not conform to the permit model arising from bilateral agreements, it must always go accompanied by the Spanish driving license.

If you don't want drive the car in countries outside the scope of the European Union, it will not be necessary, but it is convenient to ask if it will be necessary to have it in other countries. With this documentation, you can travel quiet and knowing that everything is in order.

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