Do you want to separate? Keep these tips in mind



Marriage separation can be a painful experience, and it is still a personal failure, but it is most likely a totally necessary matter if a couple does not work and relationships will end up hurting us. Marriage separation can also be a good emotional learning experience, if you know how to manage emotions correctly and grow with them, because like life itself, a separation can be made of good things and bad things. And not everything has to be bad.

How to face a separation

A separation can be an experience that causes a lot of suffering in the couple. But possibly, if we decide to move forward by routine, by children, or by merely material matters, the circumstance may be even worse. Although painful, a marriage separation is necessary, and the key is how to deal with it.

The first guideline that we must follow is to know that we must accept this separation, that we must go through this painful stage since we are leaving behind a life with many shared memories, a lot of intimacy. Acceptance is the way to start from scratch and start overcoming it.

Banishing feelings such as anger, guilt or low self-esteem is another important key to successfully face a separation. Nor blame who will be our former partner ourselves. If you have to start from scratch, you also have to start clean.

Avoiding isolation, and not locking ourselves in, is another good key. Let's go out, let's see friends, family. Distracting us is an excellent option to not fall into sadness. And finally, we can do things that fill us, from providing our help in non-profit organizations, to cultivating our hobbies, all this helps to start building a life from scratch, without which our partner has been, moving forward with effort, but with a series of incentives that will make the bad drink more bearable.

Divorce or marriage separation is better

When choosing between divorce or separation we can find many similarities. While in both goods are separated, agreements are reached for visits to minors and the coexistence with all legal guarantees ceases, in the divorce, the separation puts an end to the marriage, while in the marriage separation, it does not put end of marriage, and both spouses will continue to be considered husband and wife.

If we have thought about remaking our lives, the best option is always a divorce, although everything depends on each couple. Perhaps, some, with the marriage separation, leave the door open for future reconciliation.

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