Do you want our NBA 2019-20 guide with the analysis of the 30 franchises?


Are you faithful to the NBA? Do you love that moment of summer when the beginning of a new season approaches? At that time, it is the ideal time to read a good guide NBA 2019-20 with the analysis of the templates of all the franchises. Would you like to have yours in PDF format? This summer you can with SportBall!

But, why buy ours? At SportBall we have a team of really good writers. Sure, what are we going to say? But it is reality. The constant growth of our page and the reception of our articles confirms it. In addition to simple logic. As sports lovers, we read articles from several basketball websites every day. And what we find is that very few have the same quality in their content as we do. We have nothing to envy to any.

The NBA guide by SportBall is one of the best you can read

The 2019-20 season will be the 3rd in which we publish a complete NBA guide analyzing the 30 franchises. In them, we analyze the templates of each team, their objectives, their most important players and their probable ideal quintet. The guide of last season, published only on our website, was a real success. He obtained more than 70,000 unique readers.

In the following table you can access the analysis of each franchise we made for the NBA 2018-19 guide:

  • Detailed analysis of the templates of each franchise.
  • Articles of more than 1000 words.
  • Excellent organic positioning, occupying the second position in Google with the 30 franchises.

Here the proofs of it:

Organic positioning of SportBall in Google

NBA Guide 2019-20 in PDF

For the next season we want to take a step forward. It is our plan and objective not only to publish the analysis of each franchise on the web, but also we want to take out the 30 analyzes in a digital magazine which you can access comfortably and at any time from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Why buy the NBA 2019-20 guide from SportBall?

If you buy the guide in PDF you would have the 30 items (one per franchise) together at the same time, without having to wait day by day. And also always for you, stored on your device and available to consult easily at any time.

Would you buy the NBA 2019-20 guide from SportBall?

And here we come to the decisive moment of the article. Why we need your help and without it this project is totally unfeasible. SportBall, like the vast majority of sports websites, does not generate economic performance. All our articles are available to readers for free. Creating a digital magazine is an ambitious project that requires a large investment of time and money.

Many hours in front of a design program to create a really attractive magazine for the reader. Many hours at the keyboard of many editors who analyze in detail each franchise and each player. For this project to become a reality, we want to ask for your collaboration. The price of this NBA guide will be € 2. As you can see, simply a minimal and symbolic contribution, with which to reward with a few beers many hours of work by the 14 people who will make this project possible.

If you want to continue assessing the quality of our content before deciding, we recommend that you visit our NBA section on the web.

We also encourage you that if you are interested in purchasing this NBA 2019-20 guide, book your copy by clicking on this link.

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