Do you have trouble controlling your weight, cholesterol, memory?


In a society where there is an increasing awareness in regards to the care of our organism through alternative and natural therapies, herbodietics plays a fundamental role in the care of our body and mind in a healthy and natural way.

plants for cholesterol and diabetes

Benefits of herbal supplements

The herbodietética is in charge of rebalance our organism through the consumption of medicinal plants for therapeutic use, whose active ingredients help to combat or reduce the symptoms of many ailments such as cholesterol, diabetes, overweight problems, poor blood circulation, among others. This practice together with good healthy habits, such as proper nutrition and the regular practice of physical exercise, help maintain a life healthy and balanced.

In a society with high levels of stress, an excessively processed diet, sedentary lifestyle, among many other factors, negatively influence our health. The natural treatments as the herbodietética for all they represent one alternative therapy for those people who are aware of these situations of risk to their health and wish to improve their physical and mental condition in a healthy and natural way no side effects.

»Products based on phytotherapy represent a healthy and natural alternative without side effects in common and not too serious ailments. «

The use of add-ons medicinal plants as healing method ensures a general action on the organism more effective than conventional medicines, since they interact at the same time different active principles. Its greater preventive effect helps stimulate and regulate the defenses of the organism in a natural way against the attack of external agents. Its effects are more lasting thanks to its greater tolerance for the organism. Lesser side effects

Natural treatments with medicinal plants

The natural treatments based on medicinal plants are an alternative in great expansion thanks to a greater social awareness on the personal health. The herbodietética focuses mainly on those natural substances that exert an action «Pharmacy» about the human being. A these substances that they treasure among the leaves, stems, flowers and / or roots of the plants are called active principles.

These active ingredients act in a different way against different ailments thanks to their multiple properties healing Herodietic supplements help treat ailments coming from the nervous system as anxiety, stress or insomnia. Also in disorders and disorders of the digestive system, improves blood circulation, increases defenses against external attacks, help in weight control treatments, inflammation, among many other pathologies.

»The active principles of plants are those substances that act against different ailments.»

We can find herbal products in different formats such as dry plant blisters for prepare infusions or decoctions. In preparations like syrups combining plant extracts with sweeteners to improve its flavor. Tinctures and extracts are also well known for keeping their active ingredients in alcohol or glycerin. The preparation of pearls or capsules are the most used by users of these types of products for their convenience and ease in their posology.

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