Do we know when to go to a lawyer?


It seems that having a lawyer is something of entrepreneurs or people related to professions of public profile. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the day to day, certain issues arise and procedures that, counting on a professional of the law, are much simpler. Inheritances, purchases, contracts or claims are just some of the occasions in which, having one, can make a difference.

But not only in large cities can you find this type of services, lawyers in Alcalá, in Vilanova i la Geltrú, in Manises or in Baeza they also have their importance depending on the type of business, processing or paperwork.

That without entering for example into separations, divorces, custodians and other family issues that always demand the intervention of a lawyer.

Three cases in which to bet on hiring a lawyer

1. Inheritance

If there is a complicated moment in the families, that is the moment to dismiss a loved one and start the tedious process of the inheritance, the reading of a will – when it exists – or even the declaration of heirs. Arriving at the time of the distribution of assets and assets is not as simple as it might seem, because it depends in many cases on liquidations, deeds and changes of ownership that, together with managers and lawyers, are not only streamlined but also improved. considerably. It's time to delegate.

2. Contracts

Carrying out contracts as an entrepreneur, making inquiries to know how to do certain procedures or even give a legal answer is vital for SMEs and the self-employed. Having specialized experience in tax matters, labor law or even civil or maritime law, to name just a few, can end up being a huge difference and even a final budget saving by avoiding sanctions or even being able to claim rights that, otherwise, they would go unnoticed within certain contracts.

3. Claims

When you are facing the public in a business or even when it is the company itself that must claim the breach of certain conditions, have a lawyer who knows the legislation, the news and the rights and duties that may be mandatory compliance improves considerably the chances of who starts litigation. Not only for economic issues but for passenger rights, customers in a home purchase, etc.

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