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The weekend is here and we all want to enjoy moments with our partners. However, it is likely that fatigue from everything done at work will make us want to leave. Many couples choose to stay at home, but without knowing what to do. Therefore, we have prepared a list of activities you can do if you decide to stay at home. Take note.

First of all, we must bear in mind that spending time with our special person does not need money or luxuries. Having a good disposition and giving what we have is enough to turn the simplest into something incredible. Here is a list of useful things you can do with your partner.

1. Cook together. Don't worry if you don't like cooking. You can consider making a homemade pizza or watching a tutorial on YouTube of how to prepare a dish that suits both. This adventure can be really fun. While they do, drink a glass of wine or listen to their favorite songs. It will be an experience that both will not forget and will remember it as something special.

2. Start a series. There are currently a large number of platforms that offer the possibility to download full seasons. Netflix, HBO, Disney or Amazon Prime are some of the most popular streaming services.

There are also portable devices compatible with different platforms, so we can take them anywhere.

For example, we have Chromecast, the Google dongle that is compatible with Netflix, YouTube, HBO, among others. We also have the Xiaomi device, Mi Box TV, however, it does not have so much compatibility. The device that has more platforms available belongs to the apple company. Apple TV allows you to take your own cable everywhere. We just have to subscribe and download the applications we need. Anyway, as we have seen, there are a thousand options!

3. Organize a picnic. It is an excellent option to get out of the routine. They can prepare food and fill a basket with it. Then, sit in the middle of the room and enjoy something prepared between them. It will be a very special and unforgettable intimate moment.

4. Start tutorials. Get the necessary items to do some crafts at home. Then, turn on the laptop or on the phone, open the browser and look for tutorials on how to do some fun work. There are thousands of possibilities, so you can choose the ones that seem easier and fun at the same time. The goal is to have fun.

5. Create a photo album. Sure they both have thousands of photos on their cell phone, as well as on the computer. We all have unique moments that we have stored in our memory and have been captured in a photograph. Well, it's time to choose the best ones and save them in an album album. If possible, you have to print them. We just need to buy a notebook of photographs and start building stories as if it were an illustrated book. It will be an enriching experience.

These are some very interesting options for a weekend at home. The main objective is to have fun and escape the routine of staying in our home without knowing what to do. In the same way, we have other alternatives if we already try the ones we have mentioned. For example, we can make children's games. How to do it?

We can search the internet for a large number of games. To cite an example, they can drink soda, eat candy and remember together what their favorite games were during childhood. We can also apply the "blind chicken" to fully enjoy this experience. It will be fun and they will both die laughing.

As we can see, there are countless activities that we can do to avoid getting bored at home. If we have never done them, it is time to try and decide which ones we like best. It is also a great way to surprise our partner.

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